Mini Camera Spy

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Mini spy cameras are great. For one, they’re tiny, microscopic even in some cases. That means you can put them almost anywhere you want. If you’re creative and crafty, such camera is for you. Stuff it inside a toy, vent, shirt, hat, any item in your home or inside a wall somewhere. Possibilities are limited by your imagination pretty much.

Another thing, they’re flexible. You can hide these mini cams or keep them with you along with a wireless DVR recorder making it a body worn spy device. They allow you to do what pre-made covert cameras don’t. So here’s an interesting new model that you might like:

This is a real mini camera spy with the following options:

  • 640×480 High-resolution video capture
  • Advanced imaging CMOS sensor
  • Low light recording
  • Simple and flexible installation

This high resolution spy camera combined with quality DVR allowing motion-detection will give you the power and freedom for surveillance you don’t get any other way. Record in the dark with crystal clear image and store it for easy viewing later. What can be better?

If you are the type of person that loves gadgets, then this mini spy camera is for you. Seniors or less tech-oriented people will not need this DIY hassle. It’s ok, there are models for them too. But if you love to be creative, installing this mini camera spy in some of the most obscure places should not be a problem for you.

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for more mini spy cameras.)