iPhone Charger Spy Camera: 1080p Wifi Hidden Camera that Works like a Phone Charger

iPhone Charger Spy Camera

Why You Need This iPhone Charger Camera?

  • Covert Camera Lens – Sleek design ensures the camera lens stays well hidden.
  • Motion Detection – Motions sensors can detect movement and activate real-time notifications.
  • Real Charger – It functions exactly like a real charger, so you can also charge your smartphones.
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If you’re looking for a Quality Budget Spy Camera, then SpyWfi™ is Worth Checking Out. It’s a Charger that is a Camera as well.

  • 1080p Resolution – Stream HD videos. Wide-angle camera lens captures and transmits surveillance videos straight to your phone or tablet.
  • Motion Detection – Motions sensors can detect movement and activate real-time notifications and recording into SD card.
  • Covert Camera Lens – This iPhone charger looks and acts exactly like a real phone charger, but boasts quality hidden camera lens inside.
  • Real iPhone Charger – You can charge your Apple smartphone in a fully functioning dock charger while recording covert footage as well.
  • SD Card Storage – This device features micro SD card loop recording, which overwrites oldest files when space runs to prevent replacing cards.

SpyWfi™ phone charger spy camera is ideal hidden spy camera solution for those who own Apple iPhone device. It actually functions as a real charger, but at the same time is able to record HD footage of your room or wherever you place it in.

This relatively inexpensive iPhone charger camera could be great tool for covert recording indoors. PI’s, law enforcement could use this charger camera for undercover operations to secretly record and gather evidence. Regular consumers could use this tool to catch infidelity or simply as a protection tool.

All you need to do is download the free app from the store, install it and connect the camera to Wi-Fi router. And you’re reading to go.

This phone charger spy camera supports recording of up to 128gb SD card size. You’ll need to additionally purchase the card as it doesn’t come with the unit. Luckily, these are real cheap these days.

Motion Detection Recording

What’s nice about this unit is that it has motion detection sensors installed. And you can probably guess why these are valuable in a wifi camera. You can leave it recording for longer periods of time, as it won’t drain the battery very fast. It’ll turn on and record only what’s necessary, that is movement in the room.

If you’re away and would like to get notifications when motion is detected, that’s also possible. This iPhone charger camera can send you texts, as well as, emails in real-time when motion sensors are triggered. You can login from remotely and view what’s going on in real time. Quite neat.

As mentioned earlier, DVR has enabled overwriting feature. This means that when the SD card can no longer fit the videos it recorded, it will overwrite the oldest video and continue recording. This is called loop recording and is very useful, when you don’t want to keep replacing SD cards on the spy camera unit.

Why Should You Choose Spy Camera in Phone Charger?

The best thing about this unit is that it fits into any modern setting. Everyone has a smartphone, and all smartphone need a charger or charging station. This charger is common and won’t attract anyone’s attention if placed in a room.

Hidden camera lens is also cleverly concealed and won’t be easily detected by the naked eye.

If you don’t care about Wi-Fi and wonder whether this spy camera would still work, rest assured it will. It will record videos without wifi, you just won’t be able to access them remotely. But can still view SD data at later date.

If you’re interested in this phone charger camera, then go ahead and click the link below to grab it while the supplies last:

iPhone Charger Spy Camera Closer Look
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