IP Network Cameras

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IP security cameras allow you to access a camera directly by using high-speed internet. TCP/IP network protocols are the reason for that. IP cameras are built in a web server and have their own IP addresses. Just like any hosting server or your computer.

IP video cameras don’t limit your with resolutions or transfer speed like DVR cards have. The resolution is solely dependent on the IP camera itself. You can use motion detection, night-vision technologies along with your IP security system.

IP network cameras are perfect for distant surveillance. You can remain in another state, country, continent even and still be able to access real-time high-quality video view. Many businesses choose IP cameras for their functionality. Keep in mind however, if you want to see quality video from another location, you’ll need fast internet connection like broadband or satellite. Dial-Up or slower DSL won’t help in this case.

IP cameras are great because they have severs built inside them so to speak. Web cameras need to be connected to the PC in order to perform surveillance. IP cameras are already functioning and don’t need to be plugged into computers. They are the computers.