Improving Car Security with Spy Cameras

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Dual Dash Car Camera

It’s very important to make sure your car is safe when you leave it outside. Last thing you want is some burglar stealing it and it’s gone for good. We can lower car damage, stealing and other dangers by using spy cameras in a clever way.

In this article, we’ll look at the kinds of cameras that are good for car safety. They include dual dash cams or inside dashboard cameras. We will also look into the positive aspects of using cameras outside to watch your car when it’s parked. Plus, we’ll give important advice for stopping someone from stealing your car.

What Camera Can You Use to Keep Your Car Safe?

Dual Dash Cameras

Two cameras for the road, with lenses that look forward and backward give full protection. These cameras are great for recording accidents on the road and catching activities near your parked car.

Interior Dash Cam

A camera inside the car watches what goes on in your vehicle. This is very helpful in finding any sneaky behavior or damage done to your car when it’s parked and broken into. These cameras can be covert and give important proof if there’s a robbery.

Using Outdoor Cameras to Monitor Parked Car Outside

Strategic Placement: Put spy cameras outside at different spots around your parked car. Entrances, blind spots, and areas with poor visibility should be prioritized to ensure comprehensive surveillance.

Weatherproof Features: Choose outdoor cameras that can handle different kinds of weather. Waterproof parts make the camera last longer and work better in rain or extreme temperatures.

Night Vision Capability: Pick outside cameras that can see at night. Lots of events, like vandalism and theft happen at night. Night vision makes sure we get clear and detailed pictures even in dark places.

What to Consider When Choosing Car Spy Cameras?

  • Resolution: Choose cams with better resolution for clearer picture. If you want to capture criminal’s face to provide for the police to solve the case faster, better quality image is never a wrong option.
  • Motion Detection: Most cameras these days come with motion detection. So, definitely, choose a camera with motion sensors. It will trigger recording only when movement is detected. This will save on storage space and battery power as well.
  • Connectivity: Ideally, you’d want a wifi camera. If you don’t want to scramble each time taking out SD cards to transfer data, get a wi-fi spy camera that allows you to download videos through an app, remotely. The convenience alone is worth it.

Tips for Keeping Your Car Safe from Potential Car Theft

Park in Well-Lit Areas: If you park the car not at home, then choose a place under the street light or other well lit area. Criminals love darkness to stay hidden. Light increases a chance to deter burglars from robbing your car.

Use Steering Wheel Locks: There are plenty of tools to help you secure your car when you’re not driving. Steering wheel locks are one of these tools. Just by seeing that your car has this lock, they most likely will move on to the next target leaving your car alone.

Install Visible Security Measures: You can use visible security measures, window decals, blinking LED lights. These act as a deterrent. They signal to potential criminals that your car is monitored, has alarm system and it’s better not to mess with it.


If you want to sleep well at night, invest in the safety of your car. Be it tiny LED light, or a proper spy camera that will monitor your car inside or from the outside, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Interior car spy cameras are great tools, because they will capture any incidents inside a car, not necessarily related to theft. Double dash cams will also be able to capture what’s happening in front of your vehicle.

Whichever security measure you decide to employ, it’s important to stick to basic safety tips when parking your car to avoid potential theft.