How to Spy on Someone Today?

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The New World of Spying

So you finally decided to join the 21st century world of spying, but you don’t know where to start. You want to be secure in your home. You want to make sure your neighbors are not in the mafia. Your business has outdated security cameras that just don’t cut it with those annoying VHS tapes. And you suspect those young kids from the next block are the ones throwing toilet paper in your trees.

So what kind of gizmos, gadgets, and 007 products do you need to accomplish your espionage mission? Well first you need to define what your mission is to determine what products you need. Pretend you are a CIA agent. You do not just go out and grab all the gear in the armory. You first formulate a plan of action to determine what gear is needed.

Home Security

So you want to setup home security system? Home security and business security are the two most popular reasons for surveillance with hidden cameras. Setting up hidden cameras around your house, run by a multi-channel spy DVR allows you to sit at the computer and see multiple camera views around your house.

Business Security

Perhaps you run a small shop and you have a problem with shoplifters because you only have one camera, and it’s aimed at the register. Invest in a few hidden cameras and place them around your store at different angles, which will ensure you see the big picture. Have a HDTV monitor up by your checkout counter, so everyone can see that you have a dozen cameras going and shoplifting will not be occurring on your watch.

The Cheating Spouse

Your marriage has been in a rough patch lately. Stress is high, kids are driving you wild, and you and your spouse have been arguing a bit. Maybe your spouse seems to leave the house at a certain time each day to go for “workout” or go to a “movie.” Perhaps, you are smarter than that and suspect some infidelity and cheating. With a hidden GPS tracker in the car, as well as a hidden camera, the next time your spouse leaves the house, you can be remotely tracking them from your home computer to see if their car arrives at the gym or nearby some random house. You can obtain undeniable evidence of cheating, especially for use in court if it comes to a divorce.

General Use

There are many gadgets out there. The recorder pen is a handy camera to have with you at all times, and no one knows it’s a camera. You can record whenever and wherever you think is necessary. Maybe you want to watch the babysitter or you need to monitor the kids with a nanny camera. Perhaps you just decide that you need to bug your employee’s work vehicle to see if they are working or parking and taking a nap. There are many effective uses for spy tools and gadgets, hidden cameras, and GPS trackers. The growth of the spy and security industry is in such a growth, there is no telling what technology will be available in the next 6 months. Spy away, but be safe and stay legal