How to Hide a Camera?

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Have just purchased a spy cam and thinking how do I hide it? Keep reading for a few tips on where to hide your spy camera.

Let’s start by saying that there’s no one good answer to that. I know, it’s the least you want to hear, but what can I say. You need to think what camera you’re interested in buying before you even consider hiding it.

For example, if you are planning to setup surveillance on your spouse, then you need to determine where he/she might be cheating on you. In the house when you’re not around? An obvious choice, a bedroom. Inside a vehicle? Maybe GPS tracker would help you in that case? Or what if it’s for spying on someone stealing your newspapers? Small outdoors camera would fit perfectly. As you see there are many choices, but planning ahead is crucial if you don’t want to waste your money.

Best Places to Hide Your Spy Camera

Let’s start with your house. If you are thinking about spying secretly on potential intruders in the middle of the night, so you can have evidence to bring to the police, then start looking at motion-detection + night vision cameras. If they come as stand-alone devices, you can place them in any obvious place in the room as they are usually completely covert. Some easy choices off the top of my head:

Living room

  • Plant spy cam near the window.
  • Hanging clock camera on a wall.


  • Alarm clock camera on the drawer.
  • Radio clock camera on a shelf.

You get the idea. But these are easy places to put a camera when you buy it in a complete package. How about when you buy wireless spy camera with transmitter and receiver? Let’s look at some options.

  • Book shelf – This is an obvious choice. You’ve seen this done in movies so many times. But if you have many books, you can stick the mini camera somewhere in the back and make sure it captures the room.
  • Ceiling – For this you can get a specific design smoke detector camera. Place it on your ceiling and it will record whenever someone moves in your room. This won’t attract anyone’s attention and is perfectly covert.
  • Puffy toy – If you don’ have kids at home, this could be a great place to hide your camera. Adults visiting your home will rarely decide to play with a stuffed toy. Even if they do, they usually won’t see or feel a camera inside. You can do it yourself of buy already premade hidden spy camera inside a teddy bear for example.

It’s best to put the mini camera somewhere high, above your eye level so it could easily capture the whole room. Almost every home has a wardrobe of some kind in the living room. Putting camera there at the top would be an ideal choice. But you need to cover it up somehow first. Simplest thing you could do is take an empty box, put the camera inside. Whether open up the box a little or make some holes in it. Put some other stuff on the wardrobe so it would look natural. You don’t want a box sticking out, out of nowhere right. Simple things like that.

It usually works for those apartments or houses that have many things inside. Small items, slightly cluttered rooms. In case you live in minimalist interior decor place, getting an aesthetic spy camera would be the best choice. Completely covert DVR’s like smoke detectors, clocks, a book with camera inside, stuffed animals works great.