How to Find Hidden Cameras?

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Hidden cameras have both their positives and their negatives. A hidden camera can be used to protect your home or business from burglary. Hidden cameras easily spot shoplifters or those who seem to be acting shady in your store. Secret cameras can also be used for negative reasons such as spying on neighbors, spying on other businesses, or voyeurism.

Perhaps the most important aspect of spy camera technology is not the knowing how to hide, but how to find hidden cameras. If you can find a camera, then you have the power to get rid of it. Knowing how to find hidden cameras is also an important step in finding good places to hide your cameras.

Cameras can be hidden anywhere with today’s micro-technology. Buying options include cameras hidden inside common household objects such as alarm clocks, smoke detectors, and even air purifiers. You can hide cameras yourself, or simply buy the object with a camera ready. Depending on your needs, you might want to invest in a DVR spy camera to have complete control over your security system. Most importantly you need to know how to find hidden cameras. If you know how to find them well, then you will also know how to place them well.

Ways to find hidden cameras

You should first figure out why someone has hidden a camera to spy on you. Why is someone snooping into your personal business? If you find a hidden camera, you are going to want to find the perpetrator who installed it and confront them. For someone to install the camera they had to be on your property in doing so, which means legally they were trespassing. Local laws will determine the crime of spying on someone without their consent.

When trying to find hidden cameras, you should search everywhere for a hole that is about one-eighth of an inch. Micro-cameras can be fitted in the smallest places. If you find any holes that should not be there, inspect them to see if a camera has been installed. Make sure you completely inspect your walls, ceiling, and floor. Any hole you don’t recall ever being used for cable or that was ever drilled is a potential hidden camera.

After scanning for unexplained holes in your wall you are going to need to start inspecting items. This can be a tedious process. Check anything that is a decoration because it makes a good host for a hidden camera. Examine your electronics carefully for anything odd that shouldn’t be there.

If you find an object that appears that it may have a hidden camera, put it away where the only thing it films is a wall. If you are willing, then take apart the suspected object and put it back together. If a camera is hidden inside, you will find it when disassembling the object.

You should also pay attention to movement of any furniture or household items throughout the week. If you see things moved around, then it is quite possible someone has been in your house without your knowledge. If you have had several people over at once, then someone may have slipped out and installed a camera without you knowing.

How to find hidden cameras is detective work. Your job is to learn how to find hidden cameras, investigate, and find any cameras. Finding a hidden camera is no easy task. The more knowledge you have of home security and surveillance equipment, the better off you are in your search.

If you suspect cameras may be hidden outside, then first check your house landscaping. How to find hidden cameras in landscaping is to thoroughly check for any wires, strange holes, and inspect any part of the house that touches the landscaping. Go take a look at all the trees in your yard. Go through your yard just like it is the inside of your house with no ceiling.

You should now be able to see that knowing how to find hidden cameras is important if you suspect you are being watched. Thorough inspection, detective work, and an eye for detail are traits you require. Finding a camera is a process of deduction. Remember finding cameras is detective work and a process of elimination.

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