How Does A Burglar Alarm System Work?

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Scared to leave your home when going on vacation? Constantly think about safety and security of your family when you’re not at home? Then you need a burglar alarm system. While it’s one of the most basic home security systems available, it will help ease your mind and give you the comfort you’re looking for. And if you’re not sure how these systems work and how to install one, then keep on reading.

What is a Burglar Alarm System?

In today’s world, burglar alarm systems are used everywhere, from personal homes to retail stores. These sorts of alarms can easily be purchased at very competitive prices.

Burglar or intrusion alarms are electronic devices to warn the user about any sort of intrusion inside your property. Most burglar alarm systems have sensors.

These sensors are linked with a control unit through a narrow-band RF signal or low-voltage wiring that is used to interconnect with a response tool. Sensors are generally used to point out the unlocking of a window or door via passive infrared. Combined alarm units are more efficient and cost-effective than the single purpose systems. These sorts of alarm systems range from small noisemakers to sophisticated multi-zoned systems.

Types of Alarm Systems

Sure alarm system is tempting. And prices aren’t that high for basic models. But which one are you going to choose? How to pick the right one? Well, you need to know something about the different types of burglar alarm systems.

There are three types of alarm systems available in the market: hardwired, wireless, and self-contained. Let’s briefly cover them all.

  1. Hardwired – Wired systems obviously use wires to interconnect motion-sensors with the detection device and control panel. This usually requires a professional unless you’re very crafty man.
  2. Wireless – In wireless systems, radio waves are used instead of wires to link the system together. Wireless alarm systems are more popular due to obvious reasons.
  3. Self-Contained – This burglar alarm system is covert and usually doesn’t need additional devices to work. Can be very cost-effective solution.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some alarm system devices to better understand how burglar alarms work.

  • Siren – It’s a kind of noise-maker that is used to alert any possible intrusion within your property. If any unusual activity is detected, the alarm is likely to be triggered instantly. It often consists of flashing lights. Sirens are usually installed at around 12 feet from the panel.
  • Sensors – These devices are triggered by the signals sent out from detection devices. Moreover, these are capable of detecting heat, movements, smoke, and vibration as well. PIR is a good example of that and is mostly used to detect movements.
  • Magnetic Switches – Magnetic switches are common preference for shielding doors and windows. These systems are simple, reliable and cost-effective. Magnetic switches mainly consist of two pieces: switch and a magnet. When any intruder opens a window or door, the magnetic circuit will get broken and send out an instant signal to the control panel
  • PIR Sensors – These sensors detect changes in temperature. They use infra-red radiation that is in the form of heat. As all living things emit infra-red energy, it is easy to detect any unusual activities within your property.
  • Ultrasonic Detectors – These sorts of devices generally use sound waves of high frequency to detect movements within the protected zone. The sound waves are echoed by the floor, walls, ceiling and furniture within an area until frequency gets stabilized. When someone enters the room, sound waves get disrupted and trigger the alarm.
  • Microwave Detectors – Work in similar fashion like the ultrasonic detectors. But, they use radio waves of high frequency rather than sound waves. Moreover, they are capable of going through the walls and monitoring other areas.

Every burglar alarm system is designed to alert the homeowner or business owner when any sort of intrusion is occurred on his/her premises. There are some alarm systems that use all these features in one single system. This costs a little more.

Security of your family is sacred. And I’m sure that a low-cost security system is nothing to you compared to your feeling of safety. Then why not browse around for a quality burglar alarm system at our favorite online shop.