High Tech Spy Gadgets

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Technology seems to be advancing at exponential rate. Computer technology has made so many advances over the last several decades. This technology has also given a boost to high tech spy gadgets.

They are used by the military, in operations that require spying on the enemy and recovering intelligence or finding a terrorist. High tech spy gadgets are used by organizations such as the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. Without such spy devices, these government institutions would be useless when protecting the United States.

US police or FBI, the Drug Enforcement agency, and even local and state law enforcement have begun using high tech spy gadgets. With these tools, criminals can be easily caught, such as through mini spy cameras, GPS tracking, and spy bugs. When investigation requires undercover work, high tech spy gadgets like micro-cameras and hidden recording devices may be used to infiltrate a criminal network and gather information.

Since technology has advanced so dramatically fast over the years, the costs of making high tech spy gadgets has dropped considerably. The market for spy equipment, law enforcement gadgets, security, and tracking have all become available on the market to civilian consumers. There are dozens of websites that sell everything from GPS trackers, to bugging devices, home security cameras, car cameras, hidden audio and video devices, and many other high tech spy gadgets. So what are some of the more unique and interesting gadgets?

High Tech Spy Gadgets

  1. The R/C Helicopter is a four channel radio controlled helicopter that has a video camera and audio listening device. Just fly it over your neighbor’s yard, let it hover, and you are spying in style!
  2. The Mini Bug Detector is a high tech spy gadget that scans your location for any hidden transmitters that search and find any frequency of 50MHz to 3GHz that is coming from a device. Small and handheld, it will pick up the channel of a hidden device within 20 feet.
  3. The Electronic Watchdog is a device that barks when anyone comes within 25 feet. Since it uses radar it can see right through the walls and begin barking if a burglar is lurking outside. It also contains a loud siren to alert any would-be burglars that are nearby. It can also be set to rainforest chime, which alerts you that someone is arriving, such as a guest or family member.
  4. The Spy Cable is a high tech spy device that records everything that is typed into the computer. Every keystroke is recorded, and you can later go back and look at the logs of what people have typed into the keyboard. You can catch a cheating spouse, find out what your kids are doing, or see if your roommate gets on your PC when you are away.
  5. The Survival Knife with a 3 inch blade, fire-starter and waterproof LED flashlight is a useful tool at your disposal. Should you ever be lost in a cavern with water, you can now look around and find your way out.
  6. Spy Sunglasses are unique high tech spy devices that allow you to see behind your back when you wear them. They have reflective mirrors in the lenses to allow you to see in front and behind at the same time.
  7. The Mini-Pen Camera Recorder is an excellent spy gadget. The pen records in real-time as you aim it wherever you would like. The camera will run for three hours. The pen looks genuine and you can even write with it!
  8. Cellphone jammers scrambles cell phone signals from up to 60 feet. Did your neighbor’s dog destroy your landscape? Next time you see them on the phone, just stand close enough and hit the jam button. Is some jerk at the movie theatre on the phone? Not anymore with this tool.

High tech spy gadgets are available everywhere. Most people think of spy gadgets in terms of just hidden cameras or GPS tracking systems. The technological industry has so many other unique spy devices that you won’t know where to start when you browse a store.