High-End Spy Pen Recorder

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You Want Audio Pen Recorder, You Got It! This Regular-Looking Pen Will Record Any Conversations Wanted Without Unnecessary Attention.

I love spy gadgets. I really do. Especially covert ones. They look like regular everyday items, but are capable of so much more. Body worn cameras, covert indoor cameras – these are fantastic. And today, I’d like to introduce you one incredibly sophisticated and high-quality voice recording device.

Spy pen recorder like the one you see in the picture is one of the best selling spy equipment devices on the market right now. It records perfect sound quality, is completely covert, and allows for easy playback. If you are looking for decent pen voice recorder, then this nice little one is for you. Just look at its features:

  • 14 hours of non-stop recording
  • No flashlights and no buttons
  • Transfer all the audio data into PC or notebook with USB 2.0 connector
  • 4 hours of recharging using USB cable
  • Included earphone for easy listening

When it comes to wearable spy equipment, this pen audio recorder simple shines. Private surveillance is a breeze with it. You can record any vital conversations standing next to the target and they won’t even suspect you’re recording them.

It’s not only for spies, PI’s or law enforcement. You can use it as a tool for taking notes. If you’re going to an important meeting and you know your head doesn’t work well, take this buddy with you. Records the meeting and you’ll have full information, so no need to take notes and miss other important details in the meantime.

Or how about keeping this recording pen near your bed at night. Whenever you wake up, you can easily turn it on and dictate your thoughts. We all know the best thoughts come at early morning or late night. So instead of using paper, use this pen recorder. It will ease your life immensely.

If you’re private investigator, police officer, any kind of law enforcer then grab this pen immediately. In case you’re a regular user, then please check the laws. Some states forbid recording other people’s conversations without their consent. So make sure you’re not breaking the law, ok.

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for body worn cameras.)