Using Hidden Cameras in Smart Home Automation

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Hidden Cameras in Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation has become a norm in many western countries. Things like having an oven pre-heat or begin cooking your meal before you get home, or lighting the lights in your driveway as you drive in, are quite common.

But smart home automation can be more than that. Have you considered including hidden cameras in smart home automation? To get a heightened level of security, many choose to use surveillance camera systems in their homes. But what if these systems included hidden spy cameras that monitor and protect your house 24/7?

What is a Smart Home Camera?

Just as the name implies, smart home camera goes a little beyond conventional home security camera. Basically, we’re talking about cameras that integrate into your existing smart home system. For instance, you can connect smart hidden camera to your central hub and control it from there. Say for instance, give it voice command to turn on or off, or have it programmed to turn on at specific times, or let motion sensors record the data for you.

The beauty of these instruments is that they can be accessed via internet, remotely. Meaning you can sit in a hotel in Bahamas and sip a cocktail, while watching what’s happening inside or outside your house at the same time, right through your phone.

How Do Smart Cameras Work?

Basically, hidden cameras in smart home automation work by connecting to your smart devices and become part of your more advanced ecosystem.

For example, your camera can be used as a sensor, detecting your movement, such as entering home, and turn on lights automatically on your behalf. But most importantly, these smart home cameras work by connecting to wifi network. This allows security surveillance cams to transmit real-time recorded footage so you can watch it remotely, it can also record the data to a cloud platform depending on your choice.

Most people use such camera systems for personal protection, so what you could do is let motion sensors detect movement outside or inside designated zone, and let camera record automatically, or, on top of that, send you a notification as soon as it senses something. So, once you get an alert, you can check what’s happening yourself from your phone or computer.

What to Look for in a Smart Hidden Camera for Home Automation?

When selecting a hidden camera for smart home automation, consider key features such as cloud storage, 2-way audio, high resolution, motion detection, geofencing capabilities, solar charging options, and advanced functionalities like face tagging.

On top of that, you’d want to consider wider recording angle, of at least 130 degrees, maybe pan-tilt-zoom options, and importantly user-friendly interface. You won’t believe how many developers ignore this basic feature, but it’s actually crucial for new users.

You want to make the experience as smooth and seamless as possible. Read reviews, look for screenshots or even video of how different smart camera apps work, to get an idea.

Smart Indoor Home Cameras

Watch over your loved ones or keep an eye on babysitters when you leave your kids. Nanny cams are great example of where you’d want to use a smart home camera. With smart indoor spy cameras specifically designed for baby monitoring you can watch and, in some cases, communicate with your baby or nanny via 2-way audio.

Smart pet cameras can be used to watch over your pets. You can watch if your dogs or cats are misbehaving, or even communicate with them, talk to them, calm them down.

Hidden smart home security cameras are another option often used by people. If you’d like to place cameras secretly to monitor possible intrusions, then hidden cameras are ideal choice for you. These come in almost any shape and size. Alarm clock cams, motion detector cameras, USB charger cams and so on.

Smart Outdoor Hidden Cameras

Monitor outdoor spaces such as backyards, gardens and play areas with weatherproof hidden outdoor spy cameras designed to withstand rain and snow. You can mount them on walls or roof, if wifi cams are used, then even trees can be a good fitting.

Or how about elevating the security of your home entrance with doorbell cameras. These cameras often come with build in microphones for 2-way communication. You can talk to visitors, or possible warn off intruders pretending you’re at home, when you’re actually away.

CCTV type or surveillance cameras are probably the most common category for smart home camera system. These function pretty much like indoor camera. The only difference would be the design. These cameras offer wider viewing angles, thus allowing to record wider areas, front yard, back yard, a whole territory.

Choosing the Right Hidden Camera for Smart Home Automation

It all comes down to your preferences.

Determine what you’re going to do. Will you need cameras to observe outside area or indoor rooms? How many cameras will you require? In some instances, one camera may suffice. In other cases, if you have a larger property for example, 4 or more cameras may be necessary.

After you do that, consider the next points when choosing your smart hidden home surveillance camera:

  • Resolution (4K, 2K, 1080p)
  • View angle (130 – 180 degrees)
  • Motion sensors
  • 2-Way audio option
  • Wifi or wired?
  • App and UI

Browse around and find your perfect solution. There are tons of spy cameras out there, ranging from $14 to $849. See what features you really need and which you can live without. If it’s a cheaper option, you may want to buy 1 camera first to test it out. And if it works fine, order more for a whole smart home automation security camera system for your house or apartment.


Hidden cameras for smart home automation are a great choice when it comes to protecting your property and your loved ones.

They offer more functionality than regular spy cameras and can seamlessly integrate with the rest of your home’s smart solution devices. If you really want to upgrade your home security and take it do the next level, then definitely consider a smart home automation with hidden cameras.