Hidden Camera in Glasses

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Spy cam glasses – one might be tempted to pass it off as another figment of someone’s wildest imagination or an ambitious thought by the author of a fictional piece of literature; what we’re referring to here however is neither of these, as it is as real as you and me – it is a hidden camera in glasses. Read on, and chances are that you will pause in awe – such is the technical advancement science has made so as to invent amazing creations of this nature.

Technical make-up of a pair of spy cam glasses:

  • Design
    The glasses in itself are rather stylishly designed so as to ensure that the wearer does not look odd in them. They even come with photo-chromatic lenses to give them the feel of an absolutely ordinary pair of sun glasses.
  • Hidden Cam
    A hidden camera in glasses has an entire color camera complete with lens, wires and battery connectivity integrated into the frame of what appears very similar to an ordinary pair of eye-wear.
  • Wires
    The wires are often very aesthetically integrated with the safety straps that come with these spy glasses, designed to look anything but out of the ordinary. Wireless varieties of these glasses are also available.
  • Lens
    The camera and lens system is usually integrated into the nose-piece and records all that the wearer sees; this way it is strategically located being the centre of the gadget as well.
  • View Angle
    In order to ensure maximum utility, the cameras on these hidden spy glasses come with more than 90 degrees in terms of field of view.
  • Transmitter
    There exists an option to transmit live images or video using a transmitter attachment.
  • Resolution
    Image resolutions of approximately 400 TV lines ensure reasonably good clarity.
  • Frames
    These wired frame video spy glasses, come with sleek frames and are sure not to look odd thereby raising any alarms to those around the wearer of these glasses and defeating the entire purpose of it.
  • Batteries
    Many of these cameras come with on-board batteries that power the spy camera for as long as two hours of continuous operation.
  • Audio
    Audio recording feature can be enabled or disabled depending on the requirement.

Laws and Hidden Camera in Glasses

Use of the facility to record audio while using a hidden camera with glasses is highly debatable and hence the decision to use it or not is dependent on the prevalent laws of the land. In the United States of America for instance, some states prohibit the recording of audio while using a covert spy camera like a hidden camera in glasses. Where permitted, this is an ideal option to record videos complete with audio or else transmit live feeds comprising of both audio and video components to a chosen destination using simple transmitter devices that can be hidden in the wearers’ clothing. You should find out if no laws prohibit you from using a hidden camera in glasses.

As expected, the use of these spy cam glasses is usually for investigation purposes in connection with law enforcement; these can prove to be a valued aide while gathering evidence for such purposes. It is needless to say that these can also be used by anti-social elements for heinous acts. While the prohibitive costs of some of these gizmos might restrict their use, more affordable ones are available which function in a manner very similar to their highly priced counterparts.