GPS for Trucks

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Track Your Truckers Worldwide with Mobile GPS Tracking Systems

Own a truck company? Have dozens or maybe a few trucks that you’d like to keep tracking, but not sure what to do? Hopefully this short article will guide you the right way.

Having a transportation company is a big thing. You could rely on your employees to drive from point A to point B with the least amount of expenses, but it rarely happens. Doesn’t matter if you’re a small company with a few trucks only or a large one with hundreds – you need to keep track of your vehicles.

It’s important especially now when gas prices are higher and international logistics require more precision than ever. Knowing where your vehicles are at any given time is crucial. Distant truck management is barely imaginable without GPS tracking systems nowadays.

How GPS Trackers Benefit Your Company?

Tiny GPS units attached to a truck can report data in real time. You can see how fast any of your truck is moving, and give directions on how to get to the location faster. If you don’t use any GPS tracking solutions right now, you should at least consider trying one of such systems out. Some companies report productivity increase of up to 40% just by using GPS for their trucks.

For any company, of any size trust is an issue. There’s no escape, we’re all people and we’re all unreliable. Therefore performing GPS surveillance on your truckers should be something in your priority list. Your lousy employees are probably slacking off right now as you read this article. You say all your workers are solid? Well, how can you be sure without knowing?

Too often truck drivers will waste your gas & tires by driving poorly or speeding when they shouldn’t. They will pick up their buddies or visit some friends in another state or country with your vehicle. Your employees maybe costing much more in wasted budget than GPS units themselves.

GPS for Trucks – The Ultimate Solution?

Slapping GPS on a truck will not solve all your business problems, but it will definitely help you understand where money is being wasted and how it could be saved. Smart firms have been using GPS truck trackers for years now and have saved millions of dollars along the way.

If cell phone is your only device for managing your fleet you should seriously think about using a GPS system. I’m not saying it’s cheap. These small units do cost money, but many logistics firms have already calculated the pros and cons. GPS trackers pay off.

Imaging being able to see all your trucks on a real map in real time. Being able to browse the history of each truck, their speeding times, stops, length of stops, all the routes. Using geo-fencing to get instant alerts when one of your vehicles crosses the “red zone”. It’s simply incomparable until you try these systems yourself.

Solid Vehicle GPS Trackers

Vehicle GPS trackers do vary in price, which gives you’re a great opportunity to choose between price and features. I will not waste your time here with poor quality units made in China (no offense) that need repair after 2 months. I’m going to introduce you to some of the best GPS vehicle tracking devices that have rave reviews on eCommerce stores.