GPS for Kids

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Child’s Safety is Your #1 Priority. Choose Affordable & Easy to Use GPS Tracking Device for Kids.

For some parents this might raise a moral issue. Is it ok to track your teenager without them knowing it? Should you talk to them about it first? Well, I’m not going to dive and teach you how to talk to your kids. I’ll just say that no matter how caring or loving you are, kids will do what they want to do. You can’t stop them in many cases despite your best efforts to raise them responsibly.

They have that inner “immortality” feeling inside them. The world is wide and when parents are not around, they feel the ultimate freedom. Freedom to enjoy and disobey the law. Well, we’ve all done a few things we aren’t proud of right now, that’s just a part of life. But taken that into account, you still want your child to celebrate their 18th birthday. That leads us to one option – GPS for kids.

GPS Tracking for Teenage Drivers

First, let’s focus on teenagers as this is the most problematic age. In other parts of the world, only when you’re 18 you can get a car license. In the US, you get it at 16. This leads to many car accidents and many young lives taken away. Tracking your teen with GPS is one way to prevent the disaster. How does it work? There are easy to install (slap n’ track) GPS units that work on battery (or using vehicle’s power) that will report you all the important data. Such as:

  • Speeding times
  • Stop time
  • Length of stops
  • History of routes
  • Alert you if needed

If you are panicking every time your teen gets behind the wheel, install such GPS tracker and you can track their very move real time. Observe their driving habits and instruct them on how to use the car properly. Not only that, but you can find out where they go after school, what neighborhoods they hang out it, what clubs/bars they stop in. All on a computer screen without leaving your home. You will need to replace the batteries from time to time if you’re using battery operate GPS tracking device.

Many parents enjoy the peace of mind they’ve got by using one of these GPS for kids devices. Sometimes it’s better to break the code of trust to save a life isn’t it? On the other hand, you can clearly tell your teen that GPS is installed in their car. This could work as prevention mechanism. But they could simply find it and leave somewhere while drag racing on the streets, so you need to weight all pros and cons.

GPS for School Kids

Now let’s talk about the little ones. If you just sent out your pumpkin to school and are worried that something might happen to them, you might want to think about buying them a GPS device.

  • If you recently moved and your child went to new school, many things could happen. And having some feeling of security is definitely better than worrying whether he’s being bullied somewhere or not.
  • Does your child come later from school than usually? Is he going to some friend’s house you don’t know about? GPS tracker for kids will let you see where they are at any given moment. You’ll find out if they’re missing classes or doing something else.
  • Sending your little one on a trip? It’s very good to be able to see where they are especially if it’s hundreds of miles away from you. If you spot that they’re in one location, when they should be elsewhere you can give them a call to make sure they’re fine.

A lot of things can happen. Obviously I’m talking about rare cases, but those are the ones we’re trying to avoid here. There are many cases when parents without even thinking let their kids drive to the other end of the city alone to meet some friend they just met on social website. Often times these friends are disguised pedophiles searching for new victims. Recently one 12 year old girl was raped by a pedophile who pretended to be 13. By the way, she met him on Facebook where he was connecting with 1000’s of kids on a fake social profile. Such sick perverts are what you should watch out for. And giving your kids one of these GPS for kids devices will definitely protect them better.

How these GPS devices benefit child’s safety? Simple. Some of them have the “panic alarm” button. After pressing it, you get instant cell phone or email alert from your child. You’ll know their last location and this information will help immensely in a case of kidnap.

Another great feature is geo-fencing. You simply set the zone in which your child can walk freely. If they breach the perimeter by taking a different way home, you’ll get instant alerts. Basically you’ll know where they go at any given time, which is great for any worried parents.

Best GPS for Kids Devices?

If you’ve read enough, then let me introduce you some of the most popular GPS units that parents love. These are fully functional mini GPS trackers that will give you insightful reports.