Flood Light Camera

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Flood lights are great for preventing people from doing anything stupid when it’s dark. Sometimes though, it’s not enough. Drunk folks will try to smash your mailbox or drive in your yard despite illuminated light around them. What do you do in such case? Record the bastards.

Here’s where the weatherproof flood light camera comes to use. Now you can turn prevention into surveillance without much hassle.

How it Works?

When motion sensitive flood light turns on, so does the spy camera inside it. Not only that, audio recording is also possible. So you capture not only their faces, but what they’re talking about as well. Everything is recorded into SD card. 2 GB is enough to record a lot of data. Good thing is, in case the data is not important for you, once the card runs out of memory, it records new data on top of old one. So you don’t need to take out the card each time it runs out of space.

Technical Specifications

  • Motion detection up to 32.8 ft
  • 10 frames per second (fps)
  • 640×480 resolution
  • Jpeg / AVI file Format
  • Length 190mm
  • Width 180mm
  • Height 315mm
  • Weight 1.42kgs
  • CMOS sensor
  • 90 degree Field of view (43 Degree Viewable)

This flood light hidden camera is great for outdoor surveillance. You can set it up anywhere you want, near your house or near sidewalk. It will turn on automatically thanks to the motion sensors and record nice color video.

Interested? Ready to bite this juicy piece of spy equipment? Click the link below and take a closer a look at this cover hidden outdoor camera.

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for home security systems.)