Fingerprint Flash Drive

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Perhaps you have a high-level security job that requires you to carry sensitive information with you on a flash drive. Whether you are an accountant with someone’s personal tax information, a doctor looking at a patient file, or work for the military and hold secret information, the Fingerprint Flash Drive provides an unparalleled amount of security.

With this special flash drive, your unique fingerprint is the only way to access the files on the drive. So if you misplace the drive, leave it on your desk for anyone to grab, or it is stolen by a rival spy participating in some espionage; the drive is secure. It will never open unless your finger is placed on the drive.

As long as your finger remains under your control, you are safe! The flash drive holds 4GB of data and includes both a text password and fingerprint option. The fingerprint option allows you to store 10 fingerprint signatures. You can either add all ten of your prints, or if the information is shared with others, you can each encode your own fingerprint.

The Fingerprint Flash Drive is a great choice for anyone looking for extra security for stored electronic information. The drive comes included with a biometric software kit CD to program up the fingerprint codes.