Electronic Mini Bug Detector

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Just because it’s tiny, doesn’t mean it can’t do the job. Micro bug detectors.

Many of the electronic spy bug detectors have antennas hanging somewhere to pick up the signal of the transmitter. Not this baby. It’s one of the smallest electronic bug detectors today and can find transmitter within 25 feet radius. The detection frequency is surprisingly high, from 1 MHz to 6 GHz. And it’s very small. It makes it super easy to perform covert bug detection on your own.

You can carry this mini bug detector in your pocket. Whenever it detects a spy camera or tapped phone, it will alarm you in 2 ways. First, there’s a led that will light up once the transmitter is spotted somewhere in the detection range. Second, it will silently vibrate. Yes, just like a cell phone. It makes it impossible for others to know what you are doing. So you can sweep for spying gadgets completely undercover.

Increasing Voyeurism in Today’s World

Statistics clearly say that amateurish spying is becoming more and more popular. When you think about it, humans are very curious creatures in nature. We love to watch reality shows just to see how others are sleeping, breathing and showering.

And with growing popularity of spy equipment, spy cameras and other surveillance devices, anyone can spy on you. Anyone, anywhere and anytime. That makes it very uncomfortable to someone who’s quite private about their personal life. The best way to prevent that is by using one of our modern mini bug detectors.

These electronic bug sweepers can detect tapped phones, covert cameras, wireless spy cameras, wearable listening devices. If you need to have a security, then such mini bug detector is all you need. It’s small, convenient and you can put it in your pocket, purse for ladies, or carry it anywhere.

How to Protect Yourself?

If you suspect that one of the co-workers, or maybe your boss might be spying on you, then use this mini bug detector to stop it. You can detect cameras under the desk, in the shelf, or covert cameras that look like regular gadgets. For instance, a covert clock camera. It looks like a clock, but it’s spying on you. Adapter cameras or fluffy toy cams. They can be watching you anywhere.

Or let’s take a different situation. You need to go to have a serious conversation with someone. You suspect they might record your conversation and compromise you. Simply take this tiny device, put it in your pocket somewhere and you’ll know whether they’re listening or not. Now you know whether to keep your tongue tight or not.

Electronic Bug Detector Benefits:

  • Detection Range Up To 25 feet
  • Wide-Band Frequency Detection Spectrum
  • No Conspicuous External Antenna
  • Dual Notification Mode: Vibration and LED
  • Protects Against Identity Theft

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