DVR Air Freshener Hidden Camera with 90-Hour Battery

Air freshener hidden camera with 1080p resolution and 90 hour battery life records both audio and video on to a removable SD card.

DVR Air Freshener Hidden Camera with 90 Hour Battery

Set it Up on a Desk to Record Anything You Want

  • 90 Hours of Battery Use – You can use it for almost 4 days without replacing a battery.
  • Motion Detection Records for Months – This camera can record for many hours with motion detection.
  • Lifetime Warranty & Support – It comes with a lifetime warranty and customer support.
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When it comes to hidden cameras, you want an item that disguises itself perfectly as a common household item. Well, air freshener hidden camera is a great example of that.

What’s great about this type of spy camera, is that you can place it on a desk, commode, bookshelf without raising any suspicion. It can capture crisp HD view at 75° angle and provide “stealthy” surveillance footage inside an easily removable 64gb SD card.

A Closer Look at Air Freshener Spy Camera

With this air freshener spy cam product, you get:

  • 1080p HD Quality Video Footage – Inside this fake air freshener you actually get a hidden camera lens inside. It records high resolution 1080p videos and can take images.
  • Motion Detection Can Record for Months – What’s great about motion detection spy cameras is you don’t need to waste time fast-forwarding through meaningless footage. This camera can record for hours with motion sensors.
  • 11+ Hrs. Non-Stop Recording – Alternatively, you can simply press a button and camera could record continuously if you need to capture important moments.
  • 90 Hours of Battery Use – In case you need to use this hidden camera in a remote location, or in place where continuous power isn’t an option, you can use it for almost 4 days without replacing a battery.
  • Works on PC and Mac – It’s essentially an .AVI file that camera generates and stores in an SD card. So, PC, MAC, desktops or notebooks should be able to read the files without a problem.
  • Remote Control Option – Changing a setting on this camera is super easy with provided remote control. You don’t even need to touch the air freshener camera itself, just click a button on a remote and you’re done.
  • Lifetime Warranty & Support – The manufacturer truly takes a pride in this product, therefore it comes with a whopping lifetime warranty, as well as, customer support.

Technical Specs of Air Freshener Camera

Want more data? Sure, here are some technical specification provided by the manufacturer about this air freshener cam:

DVR Air Freshener Hidden Camera Inside Wires
  • Video Resolution: 1920×1080 @ 30FPS
  • Video Format: .AVI
  • Recording Modes: Continuous Recording and Motion Detection
  • Viewing Angle: 75°
  • Storage: 64GBExternal MicroSD Card*
  • Video Recording Storage Consumption: 10min/GB
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable 3.7v 15000mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • Battery Life: 90 hours
  • Audio Recording: Optionable (By default: No Audio)
  • Loop Recording: No
  • Dimensions: 3″ x 3.5″ x 8″

Who is This Hidden Camera For?

This air freshener camera can fit in many situations. Let’s take a look at some of the main use case scenarios for this product:

Use as a Nanny Camera – Parents can monitor babysitters who take of their children in their own home. You never know if you hire strangers to look after your kids. It’s better to be sure, by using a covert surveillance camera for such case.

General Home Security – Hidden Camera can act just like any security camera and be used for personal security and protection.

Gathering Evidence Discreetly – Very good option for law enforcement or private investigators who need to record conversations with potential suspects in a covert manner. These cameras are a good choice.

Benefits of Using an Air Freshener Hidden Camera

Hidden Surveillance – The beauty is that it’s disguised as an everyday household item. If any suspect or criminal to enter the monitored area, it’s unlikely they’ll pay attention to an innocuous little air freshener sitting on the desk, recording everything with its wide 75-degree angle lens.

Easy to Place Anywhere – Another great feature of this camera is that you can place it where you want. Because it provides a 90-hour battery, you can record days’ worth of videos without even touching the air freshener camera itself.

Built-In DVR – Unlike many other options on the market, this air freshener camera device comes with a DVR already installed inside it. So, no need for extra receiver to gather the video recording. It’s all done inside this device, and you can easily swap out SD cards as needed.

Peace of Mind – In the end, if you really need to record something covertly, and want a reliable hidden camera to help you do it, there’s nothing better than an air-freshener spy camera. It’s reliable and will get the job done.

Where to Buy this Air Freshener Hidden Camera?

Get This Discreet Air Freshener Hidden Camera with DVR from the manufacturer by clicking a link below:

DVR Air Freshener Hidden Camera on a Table

Air Freshener Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR

It’s really a solid product. And if you’re looking for specifically air freshener spy camera for your surveillance needs, this is it. See if you can catch a discount on this unit, as our manufacturer offers steep discounts from time to time.

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