Does a Home Security System Increase Property Value?

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how home security systems increase property value

To answer simply, yes it can. The same way home security installation can lower your insurance premiums, the same way, they can increase your property value.

These systems provide protection for your house. It’s an obvious advantage of non-secured homes. Therefore, insurance or real estate companies put a value on these systems and offer additional benefits to homeowners.

A home security system can raise the property value, but it’s often-overlooked by new buyers. We’ll take a look at what makes buyers prefer one security system over another and the factors behind increased property value. We will also help you find the right system for your specific needs.

How Much Property Value Can a Security System Add?

The value added to a property by a home security system can range significantly, depending on certain factors. For example, where is your home situated, what type of security system you installed, what do the potential buyers prefer…

A well-designed and professionally installed security system can potentially enhance the value of your property by as much as 3% to 5% on average.

Take for instance, if your home is worth $300,000, installing a security system will increase its value between $10,000 and $15,000.

Not only does a security system add a perceived value to your property, it actually increases a monetary value of your house. So if you’re considering to protect your home better, definitely worth consider to get some type of security.

What’s the Appeal for a Buyer?

Let’s look at it from the new home-buyer’s perspective. Why would one choose to invest in a home like that?

Enhanced Safety and Peace of Mind: For starters, security systems offer the new homeowners a higher level of safety and security.

Knowing that their new house comes equipped with surveillance cameras, alarms, and motion sensors does entice new buyers to go forward with a purchase.

Lower Insurance Costs: Such security systems result in reduced insurance premium costs, which may be appealing for prospective buyers.

Convenience: Many modern security systems include remote access and smartphone apps, letting the owners to monitor and control their security regardless of where they are. This is another factor that makes the property attractive.

Deterring Criminals: The deterrent effect can prevent potential intruders from targeting the property. Just by making these security systems visible, already makes one feel more comfortable when it comes to choosing one or another real estate property.

Resale Value: To a buyer, a security system is seen as an investment on his/her property’s long-term value. If you plan to sell the house in the future, these camera systems make a house more attractive to potential buyers.

How Can Security Systems Increase Property Value?

Several reasons explain why a home security system can have a positive impact on property value:

Improved Safety: With a security system in place, the property becomes safer and more secure.

Technological Appeal: We live in a connected world, modern security systems offer smart features that make perfect sense for tech-savvy consumers. They can be integrated with other smart home technologies for ease of use, or home control.

Competitive Advantage: With a security system in competitive real estate markets, having a security system can give your property an edge over similar homes without one.

Choosing the Right Security System for Your Situation

Selecting the right security system is essential to maximize the potential increase in property value. Here are some tips for choosing the right system for your situation:

Assess Your Needs: First, analyze your security needs. For example, think about the size of your property, the crime rate in your neighborhood, and any particular vulnerabilities that must be taken into account.

Professional Installation: Although there are DIY products, professional installation is preferred as it is more comprehensive and reliable.

Compatibility: Ensure that the selected security system is compatible with other smart home devices you possess or plan to add later.

Monitoring Services: Decide on whether you want monitored security system that will send a signal to the authorities in case of an emergency, or an unmonitored system.

Research Providers: Do your research on the security system providers; read reviews and obtain multiple quotations to find the best fit for your budget and needs.


At the end of the day, investment in a home security system not only provides current homeowners with the safety and peace of mind, but significantly increases property value as well.

The growing desire for safety, convenience, and possible discounts on insurance has made potential buyers turn more towards homes with security systems.

Determine your security needs, select the right system, and weigh the importance of professional installation. Such measures will not only protect your home, but also increase the attractiveness to potential buyers as well as boost its long-term value on the real estate market.