Digital Voice Recorder Review

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You know, I get some of the cooler spy gadgets in my hands from time to time as I’m naturally a geek in this area. Sometimes they’re pretty good and other times they’re crap. Like some of the partner products which I ordered just for fun turned out to be not as dandy as advertised. But on the other hand, given such a low price, they’re quite decent, lol.

Ok, today I wanted to introduce you a digital voice recorder. Yep, there’s not too much spy about that. Well, maybe except the covert phone recording ability. But in some cases, these come in very handy. Like when you need to record your own notes in the middle of the night. So I decided to give you a quick review of such digital voice recorder.

Digital Voice Recorder Features:

Ok, first of all, one thing immediately comes into attention. It’s the recording size – 133 hours. I haven’t tested it thoroughly (I’d probably be dead by now), but this is pretty impressive. It also comes with AC adapter, ear buds, USB cable, telephone recording adapter 2 triple A batteries and instructions.

I asked my buddy to call me up and attached this voice recorder and recorder the conversation. I must say it’s really awesome. Crystal clear sound. No background noise or anything. I love it. This is really great. Let’s say you want to record your wife’s conversation when you’re going through a divorce. And getting the right words from her is much easier when you speak in private. Well, you can call her up, turn this thing on and you have what you wanted. Don’t ask me if I’ve gone through such situation personally 🙂

But it works. I’ve even used it to take notes. Sometimes great ideas pop into your head in the middle of the night. What do you do? Take this digital voice recorder and dictate. In the morning, connect through USB to your computer and you can store the whole collection of these pearls on your hard drive. Really cool. Here, take a look at some of the specs. Of this neat little device.

DVR Specifications:

  • No Battery Drain works only when connected to a telephone
  • Voice activated recording
  • USB interface
  • Microphone sensitivity adjustment
  • Repeated playback
  • Quick message search
  • Vibration mode for discreet recording
  • Time indicator for recording remaining
  • All in one menu button
  • Earphone allows for hearing aid use
  • File search plays first 7 seconds of each file
  • Auto power off when not in use

Seriously, if you’re looking for high-end quality digital voice recorder, take a closer look at this one. It’s very powerful, has great features. And price isn’t too bad for such a useful tool.

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for more audio surveillance items.)