Digital Nightvision Monocular

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The Basics

Nightvision is one of the most popular additions to security products. Cameras often carry nightvision technology, but suppose you want nightvision goggles for the purpose of your own investigative spying.

The 5×50 Digital Nightvision Monocular offers a great bang for your buck with 5x magnification, an infrared illuminator, and video output for simple and easy recording to a DVR.

The digital monocular gives you a crystal clear image of any object or action you are aiming the monoculars toward. The scope can be used day or night offering heavy duty 5x zoom capabilities.

The Monocular can be connected to any DVR, particular mini-DVR products that fit in your pocket for recording, while you scan the surrounding area.

Stealth Operations

With the Digital Nightvision Monocular, you can set up a covert and stealth surveillance operation. Often used by law enforcement and military, the monocular is a fantastic addition to your stealth security collection.

Popular Uses:

  • Used by law enforcement for stakeout operations
  • Utilized by hunters and outdoorsman
  • Bring with you on hiking or camping trips to see what is hiding in the dark
  • Conduct surveillance missions during the day or night without drawing attention to yourself
  • Keep in your house in case of a break in at night – see what is happening in the dark
  • Great for hunting or observing wildlife from a distance