Clock Hidden Camera

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A clock is the least noticeable object wherever you go. Enter a room and there’s 99% chance it’s going to have a clock hanging on a wall. Small shops, cafes, spa salons, offices all have clocks. It didn’t take long to realize that clocks are one of the best places to install a hidden camera for surveillance.

Combining different shapes, sizes, patterns and colours of real clocks, experts have developed the hidden camera clock. As the name describes, the clock hidden camera is a camera which is hidden inside a clock. That’s right. You don’t need to install everything yourself. You get already prebuilt model. It doesn’t mean however that you can’t play around and setup a wireless mini camera inside your own clock. It just takes a bit more work to do it.

These clock cams are safe from peeping eyes and are easily disguised because of their design and size. It is a great way to protect your home or business. With the camera always keeping an eye on surrounding, you can always feel calm knowing that 24/7 automatic security is working for you. It is an amazing piece of surveillance equipment and can be very useful in many situations.

Rest assured. Clock hidden camera is very well designed to avoid suspicion. Keep them in a place where you think surveillance is required. The wireless clock hidden camera will do a really nice job by informing you about every step your stealing employee makes or vandals messing around with your items in store

Some clock cameras have built-in digital video recorder, which enables them to record videos on a memory stick. Such ‘sticks’ or SD cards can last for hours. You will not have to bear the headache of plugging the camera to an output device every time you wish to check the recording.

More Advanced Clock Cameras?

Wireless clock hidden cameras are another piece of cake for those who want extra amount of security. No dangling wires to raise doubts. There is absolutely no way someone can distinguish a clock having a spy camera from a simple clock just by looking at it. Wireless clock hidden cameras are flawlessly manufactured to hide the lens effectively. You capture video at a place and then transmit the same video to another place with the help of radio waves. Just keep in mind to place the receiver, DVR not too far away from a camera, as various obstacles like walls, construction details will interfere with the quality of data.

An additional feature of the cameras inside clocks would be to shoot in pitch darkness. It is available in the form of infrared cameras. Infrared cameras enable filming during the night, which is the most likely time for an unauthorized intrusion. While some cameras can only record in dimmed light, more advanced clock cameras can record quality video in complete darkness. Yes, these cost a little more, but deliver many times in features and quality.