Cell Phone Detector?

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Here’s an interesting gadget you might like. Cell phone detector. It detects signals being transmitted and can tell whether someone carries a mobile phone or not. This can be very convenient if you know where to use it. Besides hunting down cell phones, this spy device can also notify you of any GPS bugs nearby. Up to 40 feet that is.

It comes in 2 regimes: silent and loud. You can choose if your want an audible alert or quiet vibration in your pocket. It comes with AC adapter and rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

So where can you use it?

This device is engineered for professionals, but can be easily used by anyone.

  • Jails – That’s right. Prisoners always find ways to carry a cell phone in their cells. It used to be that each time guards keep checking and messing around with boys when searching for possible cells. Now, all you need is turn on this device and it’ll tell you whether there’s an active signal coming from one of the cells at any time.
  • Classes – Whether it’s high school or college class. Teachers hate cell phones ringing and students talking to each other during the class. This simple device can tell you who’s carrying a cell phone. Ask them to turn the cell off or throw them out, teacher’s choice 🙂

What about businesses? What if you’re showing some prototype model when someone takes out a cell phone and secretly record everything. Maybe they’ll put information on Youtube, maybe sell to the competitors. How can you know? With this cell phone detector you can tell who has a cell and ask them to leave it in another room.

And as mentioned before, it’s also a GPS bug detector. So you get 2 devices in one. It will notify you in the same way if there’s a GPS bug installed somewhere in your car or maybe in your shoe? Prevent secret surveillance and eliminate all the GPS bugs with this detector.

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for anti-surveillance equipment.)