CCTV Equipment for Your Business – Wasted Money or Requirement?

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Whether you realize it or not, spying and security go hand-in-hand. How does security work in the first place? The job of security is to look for suspicious and nefarious activities. Whether it’s a camera, a security guard, or a guard dog sniffing around a gate – spying is how security is essentially accomplished.

If you have a system of CCTV equipment located inside your local shop, then you are spying on your customers. However, that sounds like a negative aspect, when in essence you are protecting yourself from shoplifters, while at the same time proving that the customer is not a shoplifter. It is in this way, that the CCTV camera protects both the business and consumer.

CCTV surveillance gear and equipment comes in the form of small simple cameras, all the way up to gigantic 16 channel DVR systems. These systems show an individual box for each cam on the TV. With a 16 channel system, you can display 16 separate camera images on one screen. Whether your cameras are hidden security cams or out in plain view to deter shoplifters, your CCTV equipment has the power to prevent crime and record crime if the thief gets away.

Many businesses often have a giant HDTV facing the customers as they are waiting in line to show them there are multiple cameras watching them, from every angle, and there is no way to shoplift without the video catching them.

Some CCTV equipment comes standard with pan, tilt, and zoom, also known as PTZ, built into each camera. A DVR is an important part of your CCTV surveillance system, as it provides the backbone of recording if you are not recording directly into a computer hard disk drive. Another important piece of equipment is of course, the HDTV. Whether you have them all over the store, behind the counter for you to view, or prominently displayed into the faces of paying customers, the message is sent that it’s going to be a chore to obtain a five-finger discount in your store.

Many stores still lack CCTV and use dummy cameras. If your business brings losses of $20 in 10 hours, open store day to shoplifters, then in one week you lost $140. In one month, you lose $560. If you invest into some CCTV gear, then you could bump that down to zero. Any business not using actual CCTV equipment is not playing smart.
CCTV surveillance comes in many forms, including outdoor cameras with added night vision. Some are readily visible, while others are meant to be hidden. A wireless camera kit allows for remote control of all your cameras that have PTZ abilities. You can have wireless internet CCTV transmitting to your laptop all day long.

The ways to set up your CCTV surveillance system are endless. Just ask yourself, where is security missing in my store? Find weak spots where shoplifters think they can’t be seen, but they are more than visible. When they attempt to leave you can block them and confront them about it. It’s guaranteed they will fork over the stolen items or run. But no need to worry because your outside hidden CCTV caught that license plate and the cops found the thief within a 0few hours. If you run a retail business, then CCTV is one of your best friends.