CCTV Dummy Camera

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You want protection, but there’s wind blowing through your pockets? No worries, dummy camera comes to help. You can set these CCTV fake security cameras anywhere outdoors and prevent burglars, reckless teenagers and anyone with bad intentions from entering your territory.

Let’s face it, it much better to prevent someone from committing a crime than capturing them doing it. You need to avoid the risk of being attacked or robbed. Well dummy cameras are perfect for this task.

You can choose what kind of dummy camera you want. CCTV looking, dome camera like you see in casinos all the time. These cams are great, because their costs start from $20 bucks or so.

Dummy Cameras are Not Dumb

As the name suggests, dummy cameras are not real. It’s a fake imitation of a real camera intended to stop shoplifting in stores or keep burglars away from your precious new 42” LCD TV. However, this does not mean that these cameras are completely dead. Far from it. With some models you get the opposite. Not fake cameras looking like real, but real cameras turned into dummy cams for more realistic looks.

These dummy CCTV cameras will flash red light when their motion sensors detect any movement. So even if the camera itself didn’t stop someone from getting closer, realistic looking motion-activated lights may. But it doesn’t stop there.

You can choose better model that looks and acts just like a real security surveillance camera. Yep, some dummy cameras will even rotate every few minutes to replicate the movement of a real camera. There’s no way of knowing that the camera is fake. It looks real, it moves around and if someone sees it, they’ll definitely think several times before doing something.

Best Bang for the Buck?

A dummy camera could do a lot for your home or business security. With just a few bucks spent, you can get an amazing protection. It’s not perfect, but isn’t it better to at least try to prevent someone from committing a crime? You could even use dummy cameras in conjunction with real spy cameras. This could give you prevention you need and also record the burglars from the ultimate surveillance system.

This combination can be the best bet. First dummy camera will fool the burglar into thinking that he’s safely evaded the main security step. And feeling lucky will relax and feel more comfortable possibly revealing his face and movements on real spy cameras installed inside the location.

Dummy cameras are worth looking into even if you have real cams placed already. They cost very little and just a few of them can give you the peace of mind you desire. Ready to roll? Take a look at some of the dummy camera options available:

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for home security systems.)