Build the Best Home Security System

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Your family, your property, and your possessions are something that you must protect in every way possible. Nothing is more important than your family’s well-being and security. Having the best home security takes more than a simple alarm or guard dog. Technological advances make it easy to set up a unique and customized security system for your needs. There are many ways to create the best home security system tailored for your needs.

The first thing when it comes to creating the best home security plan is to get that simple alarm installed. It’s the very basic way to protect your home. While professional thieves can easily ‘outsmart’ these systems, most burglars will run away.

How about getting a good guard dog? While a home alarm my scare off a burglar, a dog might have them down on the ground for you when the police arrives. Smart dog won’t let anyone pass him by. Most won’t even try to enter your property. That includes your nosy neighbors too…

More Advanced Security?

Next you are going to want to install motion detectors as part of your home security plan. You can set these up in the form of motion-sensor lights or you can buy motion detectors that sound an alarm. You can place a motion detector anywhere you want. However, they need to be waterproof for outdoor surveillance. Motion sensors are great deterrents against anyone trespassing.

Security cameras are the heart of your system for the best home security. You can buy dummy cameras that you want to be visible. These are extremely cheap. They will make anyone believe it is recording them. You have hundreds of choices when it comes to hidden cameras. Yes, it’s only a decoration, but mixing it up with real cameras can be a good idea to confuse the intruders.

Hidden Cameras for Home

For the best home security, you need to customize your choice of hidden cameras.

Hidden cameras can be very unique. For instance, you can buy tiny camera that is 1/8 of an inch and place it in the most obscure places. These cameras feed live to your computer or DVR. You have instant playback at any time with these cameras. DVR cameras are essential to the best home security plan. The DVR control box can instantly write to DVD’s and control as little as 2 or as much as 16 camera channels at once. This is a great investment if you need your property surrounded with electronic eyes watching every corner of your property.

You can also buy household items with hidden cameras in them such as alarm clocks, lamps, and even picture frames. These objects are usually fully functional and allow you to spy on people inside your house. If you suspect a neighbor or child’s friend is stealing from you, then you can go back and watch the video to see who was actually snooping around. Some of the best home security systems always use indoor surveillance technologies.

The Last Resort

When you are physically confronted, there’s still a way to defend yourself and your loved ones. For your master security plan a taser gun is something you should have.
You can fire the taser at someone and incapacitate them until police arrives. They are very effective in close range. No matter tall or short, small or giant – tasers will take them down. Muscles of the body are literally paralyzed and the suspect can’t move. This gives you time to escape, tie the bastard up, or deal with other intruders if there are any.

As an alternative, you can buy a traditional gun and keep it locked away until an intruder breaks inside.

Some of the best home security ideas require you to think like a burglar. Ask yourself how you would break-in to your house if you were the bad guy. This will help you decide where to place motion sensors, dummy cameras, and your hidden cameras. If you want to take it a step further in getting the best home security for your house or apartment, then get a full security system that is expensive, but gets the job done.

Once you have surveyed your entire property, you can customize your system to your liking. Place hidden cameras where you believe they need to be. Place tracking or bugging devices on your property! Install your motion sensor detectors where you think they should be. Formulate your plan and weigh your options. There are tons of gadgets at your disposal. It is up to you to implement the system.