Board Camera Protection

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The Custom Vacu-coat for Board Camera is a special device to be used anywhere a camera can be placed while remaining free from dust, moisture, and the elements. The camera is great for hiding in hidden areas for use as a nanny camera or covert surveillance camera.

Simply hook the camera up to a DVR with the USB end and record away to an SD card. Play back video on your PC using Windows Media Player or DivX.

The Custom Board Camera easily installs with Velcro to any place needed. This makes moving the camera around very simple, so changing places or angles are a breeze.

Board cameras provide more customization options due to their small size and lack of cords. You can even install the Custom Board Camera into your PC for use as a webcam. The camera is easily “riggable”. Decide what you need recorded and hide the camera with the DVR in any object you desire.