Best Places to Put Spy Camera to Effectively Monitor Your Children

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Spy Camera to Monitor Children

As technology evolves, it creates different devices and gadgets to keep a close watch over our children making sure they are ok when parents aren’t at home.

For long-distance child supervision, spy cameras are sophisticated and undetectable devices that are ideal for monitoring children remotely. However, often times parents may be wondering, where should I place my camera, or what’s the best place to put camera in to keep an eye of my kids.

Below, we list a few areas you should consider when placing a spy camera to monitor your children if you’re not around.

  • Common Areas: You should put spy cameras in shared spaces such as the living room, play areas or kitchen to get some general view of your child’s activity. These areas serve as centers of activities for your child. Of course, if your kids usually hang out somewhere else, that would be a good place to mount a cam as well. Place the camera at a strategic location to observe most parts of the room.
  • Children’s Bedrooms: Maybe a primary area. You should monitor your child’s bedroom, especially when they are sleeping. By putting the camera in this area, parents are able to ensure that their kid falls asleep properly, on time, and gives them assurance if there are any distractions during the sleep.
  • Entrances and Exits: Placing cameras at your homes’ major entries and exits can also be a good thing. You are then able to monitor whoever comes out or goes into the house, as well as, make sure that the child doesn’t wander off the house.
  • Playground or Backyard: Placing cameras in the backyards for homes with extra outdoor space can help you see what your child is doing when not at home. It helps to ensure they are safe and doing fine while they play, especially if babysitter is occupied with other kids indoors.
  • Study or Homework Areas: Keeping an eye on what your child is up to when they supposed to do their homework could give you a clue about how your child concentrates when studying. Parents must make efforts to ensure that their child maintains focus and discipline and avoid any form of distractions during study times.
  • Where Nanny Resides: It is also good idea to put cameras in the places babysitters spend most of the time with the child. They ensure that the child gets the required attention when the parents are away.

When mounting spy cameras in your room, consider the angles that provide the best coverage without compromising child’s sense of privacy. For instance, hiding the cameras and placing them on vantage points will help maintain natural surroundings for the children, it won’t be as distracting.

Furthermore, the efficacy of such gadgets in properly monitoring children is determined by the quality of the camera installed.

High definition and wide-angle cameras give better footage so parents can monitor their child’s activities more efficiently.

Top 8 Child Monitoring Camera Ideas

Now, if you’ve decided on a proper location to monitor your child’s activities, it’s time to consider some the cameras that would best fit to watch over your children. Here’s a list of 8 interesting cameras you could place in your home without disturbing your children and get a good look of how their daily life goes.

  1. Teddy Bear Cameras: Teddy bear cams are cleverly camouflaged and can be hidden in a child’s room or playground without anyone noticing. Such cameras are usually similar in appearance to children’s teddy bear toys and provide parents with unobtrusive surveillance of what their kids do while they are at home alone.
  • Toy Cameras: Spy cameras well fitted in toys such as dolls, cars, or action figures are ideal to watch over children. They are toy-like cameras installed in playgrounds and children’s bedrooms which operate as surveillance gadgets.
  • USB Charger Cameras: Some of these spy cameras are in the form of USB chargers and they are best suited for surveillance of public areas or places where people use electronic gadgets a lot. They are flexible and unobtrusive, fitting perfectly within the domestic setting.
  • Alarm Clock Cameras: Cameras disguised in alarm clocks are widely used for monitoring bedrooms or playing areas. The cameras appear like normal alarm clocks, but they also secretly take videos.
  • Picture Frame Cameras: For example, cameras in picture frames are good at monitoring common areas or rooms where toddlers are likely to play. They seamlessly fit in with house décor and one can place them at best possible locations to facilitate wide coverage.
  • Smoke Detector Cameras: Spy cameras hidden in smoke detectors allow unnoticed monitoring of wider areas such as living rooms. Being placed on the ceiling gives them the ability to survey larger area.
  • Wall Clock Cameras: Wall-clock-disguised cameras can be used to surveil common areas or rooms without drawing too much attention. They work in the same manner as normal wall clock and at the same time act as surveillance tools.
  • Pen Cameras: These types of cameras are small and can be placed in different areas. Pen cameras are small, therefore very portable. You can carry them almost anywhere you like. These devices are discreet and they can take videos and audio of your children, which makes them one of the better options of guarding the children.

However, it should be noted that although these measures are meant for the safety of the child, respecting his/her privacy is also imperative.

Another important thing includes informing the children that the cameras are in their rooms. The children must be able to comprehend this message once they get old enough to know what this means. This encourages transparency and makes kids know that the cameras are meant for their security and safety.

You could talk to your children about these cameras to let them know they’re being observed. In a way, to keep it open. But if your kids are too small to understand that, it’s ok to monitor them or the nanny for any potential problems.

As a result, the use of spy cameras at home is a good way of effective child monitoring.

The selection of appropriate locations as well as utilizing high quality camera devices in addition to understanding the need to respect privacy is vital in order to make these tools beneficial for parents who want to keep an eye on their child as a remote surveillance option.