Baseball Cap Camera

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Hat cam is one of those very cool and comfortable spying devices everyone would love to try out. You’re not dealing with many wires, large and messy DVR’s, receivers. You’re mobile and can go anywhere and film anything. This is one of the most favorite body worn spy models. Law enforcement uses it, police uses it, and PI’s use it all the time. Very handy for any covert surveillance outdoors.

You can even have fun with it and take it with you on a trip. Hiking, vacation – this camera is with you all the time. It doesn’t contain SD cards, just internal memory that can store up to 4Gb’s of video data. Standard resolution and frame rate of 640×480, 30FPS.

Baseball cap camera is one of those spy gear products that you just want to have. While there are many products in the industry and each one is better than another, these cap cam models are pretty solid. They don’t flush your wallet and you get good, solid spy device you can carry with you anywhere, anytime.

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for body worn cameras.)