Auto Theft Deterrent Light

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Trick a Thief

Are you interested in a complete car alarm system? Perhaps you were interested until you saw the steep price that is out of your range. The Car Theft Deterrent Light emulates the look of a real car security system by placing a little black box device in your car with flashing LED lights. Two car alarm decal stickers are included as well.

The realistic box and decals will send a car thief off to an easier victim that appears to have no security.

Thief Relief

You can rest assured that your vehicle will remain safe and secured when parking in an area privy to car thefts. Never have to worry if you are a target. In fact, most car thieves look for older model cars and trucks that have interchangeable parts. These vehicles rarely have security systems.

Just by virtue of having a flashing LED light in your vehicle with the included decals, a thief will move on to the next car. Just use 2 AAA batteries, and you have what appears to be a complete car theft system.

For the most realistic look, place the Deterrent Light beside your audio system because every car is equipped with an anti-theft system on the car stereo, which is the main target of thieves who break into vehicles.