Alarm Clock Camera

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I love hidden cameras with built in DVR’s. No unnecessary wires and receivers to worry about. All in one package. Well, that’s exactly what this alarm clock camera is. While looks like regular morning alarm clock, it’s a great spying tool you can use to perform surveillance on your spouse.

High quality video is recorded straight into an SD card. It takes up to 2Gb of data. But you can extend it to support 32 Gb of data. That’s months and months of video data for you. To backup the files, simple take out the card, stick it into your PC or notebook and “drag n’ drop” files into your PC or record them into DVD, flash drive. Really simple.

One of the Best Cheating Spouse Catchers

If you suspect your spouse is cheating on your when you go to work and there’s nothing you can do about it, then get this covert clock camera. We all know that action is in the bedroom. What other place can you put ALARM CLOCK other than bedroom right. No suspicion and perfect surveillance.

Now in case you’re worried that this clock will not be able to record enough data and will run out of memory, relax. This alarm clock camera has 3 recording options:

  • Constant recording
  • Scheduled recording
  • Motion-activated

Although it has enough memory to record any activity, you can switch this clock to motion-activated. This way you’ll save even more space and record only what’s necessary. Or you can schedule the recording if you suspect the time of day it all happens.

Don’t let things slip through your nose. If you think your spouse is cheating, then get this alarm camera clock DVR and get some proof. Sure you could try grabbing some other type of cameras for recording, like web cam for instance. But webcams are suspicious, especially in bedroom, turned straight to bed 🙂 No. Get this DVR clock. It’s completely covert, all in one pack, no additional things to worry about it. And it does the job perfectly.

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for more hidden cameras.)