3G Camera with Remote Control

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Ladies and gentlemen, here is another breakthrough in the world of spying and surveillance. New technological advancements just keep making this industry more and more interesting.

We all know there are spy cameras that can broadcast live view straight to the internet. But how about 3g network using spy camera that’s broadcasting video into your cell phone? Not only that, but you can also adjust the camera angle while being miles away from home, wherever you cell phone signal reaches. Awesome.

This pumpkin has motion detection enabled and will voice call or video call you or send you an SMS instantly to you mobile device. Rechargeable lithium battery for more convenient powering. IR light – yes, you can capture video in the dark! Can you just imagine the possibilities with it?

  • Worried about leaving your home for a weekend? Leave it on the desk and get notices when and if it records movement.
  • Want to spy continuously on someone without being nearby? Place this 3g camera near window and keep checking video feed or updates.
  • Check your own kids with this camera. Monitor their every move to make sure they’re all right. If anything, call them up.

You don’t need to always be nearby a computer, internet café or carry a laptop with you to check what your hidden camera broadcasts. All you need to do is use your cell phone. And I guess everyone now has one, from kids to elderly.

It’s one of the coolest spy systems I’ve seen and is extremely useful & convenient to perform surveillance. Now you don’t need to worry about fire or accidents in your home. The 3g spy camera will notify you. You can check the video and see what is actually happening. Was it false alarm or real disaster? Call your neighbors to prevent bigger damage. You wouldn’t be able to do anything like that until now.

Set it up at home, in office, summer house, warehouse, shop. Given the price, it’s a steal in the middle of the day. Don’t wait until it’s out of stock.

(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for home security systems.)