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GPS vehicle tracking provides many benefits to regular consumers as well as businesses. You can track not only the current position of a vehicle, but get statistical data of stopping times, locations, driving paths and so on. This gives incredibly insightful knowledge, especially if you’re a business manager.

Spy Hawk Rapid X-Track is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to GPS car tracker. It’s small, unique design, completely self-sustained without any external antennas. It’s powerful. It can track and update car’s location on your GPS mapping software every 10 seconds.

Moreover, it has been one of the most popular devices amongst law enforcement. And with 100% money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong with this neat little device. This device work right out of the box. No complicated instructions. A 5 year old and a 75 year old could start GPS tracking the car instantly.

GPS Car Tracking for Business Owners

Some vehicle company managers still don’t realize how crucial these GPS car trackers may be for their bottom line. Of course, they do cost money, but when you consider the value they bring overall, you’ll start to understand that these gadgets pay off pretty soon.

  • Exact Location – Do you know the current location of your vehicle? Who knows, maybe the driver decided to sit and drink in a pub instead? GPS car tracker like this will show you pinpoint location of the tracked vehicle.
  • Delivery Location – Do you know when your employees arrive at the delivery locations? They may say anything and have any excuses, but it costs you money. All the small truancy adds up to your bottom line and you may be losing a lot of money because of that.
  • Stopping Times – Find out exactly how long your drivers are stopping for lunch or other things. Many times you’ll see they’re taking way longer breaks than they should. And when you calculate all the time in a year they waste, you realize that you’re losing hundreds/if not thousands of dollars.
  • Helping Friends – Are your employees are taking hours to help their buddies move furniture with your trucks? How can you know? You’ll see the exact paths they took and if something’s not right, you can investigate or ask them about it.
  • Driving Habits – Are your employees driving recklessly and wasting tires? Just by driving one vehicle correctly, you can save from $100 to $400 a year. If your company has many vehicles, then this number can jump very high.
  • Speeding – Know exactly where and how the driver is speeding. You can observe their driving habits and make some changes in your company. If it costs you money, it doesn’t make sense keeping poor employees to waste you money.

With our suggested GPS car tracker you will finally be able to end your worries and suspicions. If you have doubt, then something’s already wrong. Nerves cost you more than money, more than anything. Get one of these GPS car tracking devices stick them to one of your vehicles. Monitor your employees and see if you can make some changes.

You can even say that you’ve installed these trackers on all vehicles, while in fact monitoring only a few. This would be a good prevention method, which could save you money.

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