Wireless Transmitter

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Many wireless cameras come with transmitters already built in. But you can turn any wired camera into wireless with the help of a transmitter and receiver. Transmitter is a device that transfers spy camera signal wirelessly into the receiver, which can be setup a great distance away. Keep in mind that the distance and obstacles in a signal transmission way will determine the quality of video you receive. The closer transmitter and receiver are together and the less obstructions there are the better picture you will see.

Imagine you have a hard-wired camera. And you want to make it wireless. How is it possible? You get one of the wireless transmitters. Connect the camera to the transmitter. Setup a receiver in another room or building. Plug that receiver into a TV, PC, DVR. Now you’ll be able to see what’s happening real-time.

Wireless transmitters can be charges with batteries or plugged into a wall with power adapter. Some come with multiple channel support. This means that you can receive video from 8 spy cameras simultaneously. Transmitters vary in size and transmission length.