Wireless Handheld LCD Receiver

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The MDVR16 micro digital recorder has a great addition with the 1.2Ghz or 2.4GHz Receiver, which scans the 8 popular frequencies in the each of the ranges. This attachable receiver also includes a recorder full of memory and an LCD monitor for viewing purposes.

It is made to be an essential tool to use with the MDVR16. The antennas allow it to receive long range surveillance information.

The Receiver works great with a tripod making it perfect for hunters, stakeouts, land surveying, tactical surveillance, and more.

DVRs for Digital recording are a required spy tool for anyone truly needing to perform covert operations. The receiver ensures you get a crystal clear picture of what you are recording at all times, while recording all images and video directly to the DVR.

The MDVR16 was specifically designed for this receiver model, and your kit will not be complete without its excellent receiver range and real-time view on a sizeable LCD screen.