Why Buy a Hidden Camera DVR?

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One of the most important gadgets to go with spy cameras is the hidden camera DVR. This device receives and stores all information from one camera to multiple cameras depending on your security system. The DVR is used to record large amounts of video and audio data from any hidden cameras you might have. A nice setup of wireless cameras recording straight to your hidden DVR allows you to easily go play back any video you need to see in an instant on your computer.

A DVR with hidden wireless cameras is an excellent setup. You can hook the DVR directly into your computer and watch instant video, and jump to a specific time without any fast-forwarding or rewinding. Security camera that records to VHS tapes is a thing of the past. When picking a DVR, a wireless is preferred. If you choose a wired DVR, then you are stuck connecting camera wires in hidden places to the also-hidden DVR. A wireless DVR can just sit next to your computer, be plugged in, and ready to watch video.

Types and Features of DVRs with Hidden Cameras

DVRs come in different varieties, with some being completely wireless, some being attached directly to the camera, and those with wires, which are not recommended unless you plan running wires all over your house. It would be quite the formidable task to somehow hide every wire.

  • Black box DVRs have hidden cameras inside the box. These DVRs are not remote, but they are immune to any damage.
  • Alarm clocks with mini hidden cameras and small DVRs inside them are quite popular. These can easily be placed anywhere in the home and look completely innocent.
  • Wireless hidden cameras with DVR are by far the most popular DVRs. These systems usually have several cameras that are all remotely connected to a DVR in a remote place. These DVRs constantly record, while some record based on motion sensors in the cameras.
  • The pen camera is probably as covert as you are going to get with surveillance technology using a DVR. Pen cameras look normal and innocent. These pens obviously have mini cameras, and inside they have mini-DVRs. These DVRs can be played back easily with a USB attachment to your computer.
  • Another popular hidden DVR camera is the mp3 player. Like the pen, there is a tiny camera, and inside is a mini-DVR. The mini-DVR can again be hooked up to the PC via a USB device.

Now that you are familiar with the purpose and product range of the DVR, you should take a look at what the market offers. You now know that you have many options and features to choose from. Whether you pick a wireless camera system recording to a DVR hooked to the computer or you have a spy pen with a hidden DVR, you know you have instant access to any recorded video you obtain. The DVR works just like a DVD player, except it allows you to skip to any time you want. Suspected a burglar at 2am last night? All you have to do is tell the DVR to go to 2am and watch. Security with a DVR is something anyone looking to beef up surveillance needs in their arsenal.