What is PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Camera?

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Pan/Tilt/Zoom or PTZ camera is a 360 degree angle rotating surveillance camera. Often used in surveillance, CCTV systems. Such cams are usually more expensive, because they provide much-better functionality compared to regular security cameras.

PTZ camera can be pre-programmed to move in a certain path. It can zoom in and zoom out, auto-detect motion, have day/night recording options. PTZ system is more flexible. You can install a camera anywhere you want and access it remotely. Imagine placing such camera in a remote area, while you are sitting hundreds of miles away. Just by opening your notebook, you can connect to this camera via internet and control it as if you were nearby. You can zoom in, move the lens 360 degrees around to film anything you want. These pan tilt zoom cameras are a true blast for those that can afford them.

PTZ cameras often come with powerful software that lets a user program the surveillance in any way you want. You can combine multiple PTZ cameras into one surveillance system, all moving in a programmed way or by using auto-detection. This way you could have an army of ‘electronic eyes’ watching surroundings nearby or in totally remote areas.