What is GSM?

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Global System for Mobile Communications or GSM (Groupe Spécial Mobile originallyis a cellular network for mobile devices. It originated in Finland. This network is made of antennas placed in relatively close proximity that send signals. GSM system is global, which means you’ll find the same antennas working in Asia, Europe and USA.

SIM is one of the main features of a GSM system and allows your cell phone to work. SIM cards are removable microchips used in cell phones. They are detachable and contain your subscription information or your address book.

GSM Tracking

There are specific applications that let you track mobile phones. Those that use GSM network. In order to track someone’s phone number, you need a software or application that can do the job. While phone operators can do that, because you use their services, for a 3rd party like PI’s or law enforcement, you need a specific tool for that. So GSM tracking software is a perfect solution capable of:

  • Track cell phone events
  • Show you SMS messages
  • Record call log data
  • Track mobile web browser
  • Monitor locations with GPS
  • Access phone books.

These GPS tracking technologies are very powerful. They’re undetectable and work globally. You can also track cell phone user with GPS/GSM/GPRS position tracking software. Click Here to Read More