What is DVR and How it Works?

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DVR stands for digital video recorder. It’s more advanced technology than VCR. For home use, DVR’s can record TV shows while turning on at set dates/times and turning off. You can collect a whole season of your favorite TV show, while being away on vacation for a year. You couldn’t do that with VCR’s for sure.

DVR is more like a computer. It can be programmed. It’s more sophisticated. For CCTV surveillance, DVR’s have pretty much completely replaced VCR’s due to their superior technological advancements.

CCTV DVR Systems vs. Portable DVR’s

When we talk about DVR, we refer to two types of digital video recorders. One that is used for constant surveillance or monitoring at the site. Another that’s used for spying or on-the-fly surveillance.

  • DVR Systems – DVR’s used to perform surveillance in supermarkets, casinos, banks are similar to the ones you use at home to record TV shows. They have large hard drive capacity and can be programmed. Usually come with remote control for easier management.
  • DVR Camcorders – Are used in conjunction with small spy cameras or body worn spy equipment. Such DVR’s are small in size, can easily fit your pocket. They have internal memory or record into removable SD card that be inserted into a computer for later viewing.

Advantages of Digital Video Recorders

Digital video recorders produce better quality video than VCR. It allows you to transfer and store data on CD’s, DVD’s, BRD’s. You can search for video footage recorded at specific date and time. Easier categorizing and archiving options.

Surveillance DVR systems can be installed in computers allowing you to have even more flexibility. They come in form of a PC card. These cards transfer signal from a wireless receiver or wires straight to your computer. DVR cards are cheaper. For personal monitoring system, it’s one of the first components you should buy.

It’s no surprise DVR’s replaced old VCR’s in surveillance industry. Better image quality and higher capacity, plus easier video archiving made DVR’s the #1 choice on the market. If you are wondering whether DVR’s are worth purchasing, or simply would like to learn more about the DVR’s available, click the link below.