Voice Activated Recorder

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Here’s a nice and cool gadget that allows you to record up to 130 hours of audio data. Voice activated digital audio recorder is perfect for taking notes when you go to long trips. Recording life lasts up to 30 hours. You get rechargeable batteries, external battery pack and a power supply.

This digital voice activated recorder is ideal for capturing lectures too. You don’t need to worry about memorizing things or writing for hours. Relax and enjoy.

Voice activated recorders are simply perfect for covert listening. The reason being – it’s voice activated. You don’t need to stick your hand, turn it on and act like nothing’s going on. It activates itself, records as long as needed. You simply transfer the data back to your computer and the job is done.

It’s very convenient to catch a boss yelling or threatening you. There are so many people that cross the barrier each and every day. They think that they can do anything they want. Insult, laugh or even psychologically torment others. What they don’t know is the in the new era of spy equipment, there are ways to go about that. Let your voice recorder turn on automatically and record every single word your boss tells you. Take the audio records home, call a lawyer and ask for justice.

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(Update: This product has been discontinued. Browse this site for body worn cameras.)