Top Free Cell Phone Tracking Software

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Worried about your kids leaving for summer camp? Would like to know where they are at any given moment? Then, I’m here to help you.

With the help of a GPS enabled cell phone along with a cell phone tracking software, you can easily locate your family members. Moreover, you can also locate your stolen cell phone! By now you think it’s complicated and expensive right? Wrong. I’ll show you some of the best software available for free.


It’s the one and only software that might dare to challenge Apple’s Find My iPhone. If you think it as a merely tracking app, then you are wrong! It operates on different platforms like Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile. Users can easily track their stolen cell phone from a remote location and restore their information. What if you fail to locate? If so, you could lock the phone, delete your confidential data and shutdown the devices from any of web browsers, even if the SIM has been altered! It also facilitates you as a file manger so you could have backup of your contact and could send SMS as well.


iLocali is another free cell phone tracking software that is especially designed for the iPhone. With iLocali, you can track your iPhone by signing in their website. There you’ll get the exact location of your iPhone. Like others, it also facilitates you with cell phone restoration and SMS sending options. The best thing about iLocali is that it will allow you to share your location with your friends and notify them by sending SMS as soon as you get to their neighboring areas, and it’s totally free!


It’s another cell phone tracking app that will let you share your location for a specific time period with anyone you like to. With this, you can have total control whom you like to share your location and for how long! Thus, you can easily protect your privacy.

Unlike many other typical location tracking and sharing software that require you to sign up, Glympse just calls for an easy download.

Mobile Defense

With Mobile Defense, you can easily find your stolen Android Smartphone through their website. It’s more like the Find My iPhone app, but unlike the typical location-based app. It’s really effective in getting your phone back. If you unfortunately couldn’t get your phone back, you could lock the phone remotely. The best thing about this app is that it’s not visible on the screen of your phone after the successful installation. So, you can have better chance of catching a thief!

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