The Importance of Nanny Cameras for Home

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Your children are your world. They mean everything to you. Their protection is of the utmost importance and number one on your list of priorities to protect in life. If you are a single parent, or you and your spouse work, then you either use a daycare program or depend on someone to babysit your little one. Some families with two working parents and multiple children employ full-time nannies, either at-home or to work whenever your children need adult supervision that you can’t provide. The best way to ensure your children are safe with a babysitter is by installing covert nanny cameras in your home.

You may think it is your right, as it is your home, or you may be softer and tell your babysitter that you do have nanny cameras just to make sure everything is alright. Your nanny may take that as a violation of trust, but explain that it is no different than a camera pointed at an employee at a gas station behind a cash register. Another way to explain to the nanny that you have cameras because you have found items missing. And you’d just like to keep an eye on guests in your home.

Whatever you decide regarding the nanny’s knowledge, or lack thereof regarding hidden cameras, you are just protecting your children and property. You never truly know if your nanny is doing a good job or off browsing your jewelry drawer unless you have something that acts as your eyes when you are not home. Nanny cameras for your home allow you to have ordinary household objects placed in locations you want monitored. Cameras are hidden inside these typical items, such as alarm clocks, home decorations, lamps, children’s toys, or even an air purifier.

The Teddy Bear Nanny Cam

Take a look at this state-of-the-art nanny camera hidden inside an innocent looking teddy bear. The teddy bear looks like a real toy, but contains a professional quality hidden camera and DVR for recording and easy playback.

The Teddy Bear Cam comes with motion detection option, records high-resolution (1280×960) video, of course a hidden DVR inside. Keep in mind that no parts of camera mechanisms are visible. It’s completely covert and is one of the best nanny cameras for home.

The camera can be used for more than checking on the nanny. It can also be used to monitor your children playing in their room. The teddy bear nanny cam records video and captures snapshots onto a removable SD card for easy transfer and viewing on your home computer.

Never again will you have to worry about your nanny stealing or ignoring your children’s needs. Never again will you have to wonder if your children are fighting or playing together nicely. The nanny camera is a covert spy tool that allows you to be in total control. With a hidden home nanny camera, you will always know exactly what is happening in your home at all times.