Spy Hawk TURBO PRO – for Serious GPS Tracking

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I’ve blogged about this before, but I’m getting back to this tracker time and time again. Although it sounds like some lame-ass kids toy, Spy Hawk Turbo (Extended Pro) pack is one of the strongest GPS tracking devices in the industry.

This real-time GPS tracking product offers a whopping 75 hour battery longevity. It’s been upgraded, so it fits perfectly for tracking vehicles for long distances, when there’s no time to power up the batteries or switch slap-trackers with new ones. Tracking every 10 seconds or 20 secs. for up to 40 days is quite impressive. GPS mapping software allows you to track vehicles and watch them move in real time. You can even track helicopters live on the screen. Check out the video. You can also see a playback of up to 90-days history. This should be more than enough to see the trends of your surveillance.

For those concerned, there are no activation fees for GPS, just monthly fee without contracts. You can cancel at any time. Your card is billed automatically.

Like any sophisticated GPS device, this one has motion sensors activated. This means that you do NOT waste battery life. It automatically detects whether vehicle is moving or not. As soon as the car stops, this Spy Hawk Pro shuts off and goes into sleep mode. This feature alone adds up many days to the longevity of tracking.

This is the real GPS tracker for tracking vehicles. It comes along with a magnetic case that’s WATERPROOF. Slap & stick – that’s what it’s called. And it doesn’t get any easier than this. You just attach this tiny spy on any car you want and you can monitor the activity straight away on a computer screen. Zoom in or zoom out, see trajectories, speeding warnings, anything you’d want from a quality GPS product.

Best of all, this tracker is simply designed for companies as your account can support up to 500 GPS units. While majority of firms won’t need that much anyways. So is this device for you?

  • Do you like battery life of up to 75+days?
  • Do you like accuracy of up to 8 inches?
  • Do you want to get SMS, email alerts?

If you answered YES to any of those questions above, then it’s the right choice for you! Sorry, just had fun using that lame sales language here. But in all seriousness, Spy Hawk Pro is very good GPS surveillance device. The price isn’t low, but you get what you pay for. It’s one of the best selling GPS trackers out there. And if you’re serious about it, look no further than this one.