Spy Gadgets for Kids?

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Remember when you were a little kid and you played detective. A toy kit would come with a plastic gun, some cheap handcuffs, and a magnifying glass. As a child, you spied and solved mysteries. In today’s world, toys have become much more advanced. There are loads of toys that kids can play with and become a spy or detective. Spy gadgets for kids are highly advanced toys as opposed to the past days.

If you take a look around on the internet you will find massive amounts of spy toys for children. Here is a listing of some of the most popular and coolest spy devices your child might enjoy.

  1. Secret Mission Video Watch – This wristwatch designed for kids has some amazing features for a mere toy. The watch can secretly record up to 20 minutes of video and 4 hours of audio. The watch also boasts a photo camera which holds over 2000 pictures. This tops the list of spy gadgets for kids. The toy is essentially a real spy tool.
  2. Wild Planet Spy Gear Night Goggles – These spy goggles allow for night vision up to 25 feet away. Now when the kids are in the tree fort, they can spy on the enemy with night vision. A unique and cool gizmo that makes the list of best spy gadgets for kids.
  3. Spy Strike Laser Dueling System – This toy from Spynet is laser tag fun for any child. This spy gadget for kids is unique in that it merely takes a few batteries and you are ready to go. The set comes with 2 laser guns and 2 target sensors. Ranked highly on Amazon by others; this gadget spells out fun playing some laser tag as a super spy.
  4. Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR – This remote controlled mini-tank is one of the coolest spy kids toy. It has real-time video and audio streaming directly to your computer. It also includes applications such as night vision and a path mapper. Ranking high on the cool meter, this is similar to real military drones equipped with night vision and video.
  5. Secret Message Invisible Ink – With this gadget, you can write invisible messages that can only be seen with a UV reader, which is also included. So when the kids are out playing spy, they can now leave secret clues. A unique and fun spy gadget.
  6. Spy Voice Scrambler – Remember the Scream movies? If so, then you remember the voice scrambler. Now kids can go undercover and make phone calls without giving away their voice. This is one of the best spy gadgets for children that allows them to keep their identities concealed from enemy agents and spies.
  7. Rearview Spy Glasses – Be careful around any kids who are wearing these sunglasses. Kids everywhere will see you are behind them with the rearview mirrors that are inside the lenses. This spy gadget for kids is just as real as a pair of expensive, rearview spy glasses that you can buy from a real spy store.
  8. Spy Gear Lie Detector Kit – This product is an amateur’s lie detecting machine. Simply have someone put their fingers on the sensors and ask them a question. This sensor’s light up when the other person is lying. The kit is mostly accurate at reading the changes in blood pressure if the person under scrutiny is lying. The lie detector kit is one of the cooler spy products.
  9. Spy Motion Alarm – This slick gadget emits a tiny laser beam that tracks movement. As a spy, you may need to hide out from the enemy. The spy motion alarm can detect the slightest movement or vibration. A nifty spy gadget for kids.
  10. Wild Planet Spy Gear Walkie Talkies – Every spy needs an ally and to remain in contact with them through a walkie talkie. Messages can even be encrypted and decrypted by the other spy. Kids will have a blast as they keep in touch with each other while scanning the enemy front.

There are tons and tons of spy gadgets for kids that can be found online. Take the ten previous gadgets, put them together, and you really have a James Bond equipped real spy in your house!