Spy Cameras With Motion Detection

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Spy cameras with motion detection usually are the most perfect covert solution to all types of surveillance requirements. Motion sensing pin hole camera equipment enables you to know what might be happening when you are not physically present at the premises that you would like to secure. These spy cameras are convenient for just about any monitoring requirement such as keeping an eye on employees at the office space, your baby-sitter, etc. If you suspect any untoward activity occurring in your home or office or any other space for that matter, you might want to consider using a remote motion activated camera to find out exactly what might be going on.

These spy cameras with motion detection can act as a form of surveillance to monitor as well as record what is happening behind your back, for your peace of mind. Especially with crime rates on a steady rise, it has come to a state where simply no one can be trusted with your valuables or loved ones, and hence the need for spy cameras with motion detection. Moreover, instruments like motion sensing pin hole camera are flexible and can be programmed to suit your needs because of which, these make a great form of security for various types of premises.

Features of spy cameras with motion detection:

Get activated from the moment the sensor detects any movement in the area under surveillance

Can be programmed to send out alerts

  • Sound alerts either at the premises or at a remote location using hooters or bells
  • Send signals to a local monitoring station – a service provided by the suppliers of the equipment
  • Dial a number programmed in the equipment – either owner of premises or local authorities

Technical Specifications of a Motion Sensing Pin Hole Camera

  1. Efficient pin hole lens
  2. Wide Angle 90 degree view for maximum coverage
  3. Varied levels of sensitivity when in detection mode
  4. Ability to capture varied number of frames per second
  5. Different resolution recording modes
  6. High/Medium/Standard recording quality
  7. Time and date stamp
  8. Playback via TV
  9. Searchable play-back
  10. Switches to battery mode in case of a power failure

How Does a Remote Motion Activated Camera Work?

A remote motion activated camera uses high resolution micro-video cameras fitted with a wide angle lens built into a fully functional passive infrared or PIR sensors which usually have a 25-30 foot range as well as a field of view of approximately 90 to 110 degrees. As soon as the PIR sensors pick up any motion within its range, the remote motion camera gets activated and the following turn of events are dependent on how the equipment has been designed to perform. Alerts are sent or else all activity is recorded for scrutiny later.

Such spy cameras with motion detection come complete with other accessories such as contact sensors along which motion sensors which are best deployed at entrances and strategic locations which require constant surveillance. Even wireless models of remote motion activated cameras, which can be battery operated, are available which are portable and thereby offer unmatched flexibility of use.