Spy Cameras with Audio

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Back in the day when video security first started picking up in the business world, most spy cameras were video only. They contained no audio. These CCTV cameras were black and white, clearly visible to everyone, easy to unhook, and provided sub-standard video quality. Security tapes were played back on a VHS system that had to be fast-forwarded or re-winded to a certain point. Thankfully, those days are long gone.

Today, the world of hidden cameras and surveillance is wireless and computer-assisted. Modern day cameras come with a clear picture, audio, and many have the ability to be controlled remotely. There is no rewinding of a tape anymore. A DVR system collects all the footage smoothly for you to jump to precise second you are searching for on your recording.

The addition of audio to today’s modern wireless cameras allows for extra security. Perhaps you are watching security footage and see a group of teenagers huddling at the corner of your business. You can zoom in and hear the conversation. You may hear that they are going to run in, shoplift, and make a break for it. You can stop this plan by having a camera with audio.

Without audio you are missing out on many areas of security. If you run a small store you just place a security camera above the cash register after noticing some money disappeared. You can then go to your computer and discreetly watch and listen for any clues that may help. What an employee says might give you more insight than what you see the employee do. Maybe the employee’s friends show up and you hear them all talking about getting some of money from the register. There you go, yet another situation in which the audio was your friend.

Look to the popular nanny cameras that provide security in knowing your children are safe with a nanny or babysitter. The audio will allow you to find out if the nanny is being cruel and making the children cry or maybe find out that they are just ignoring the cries altogether. Whatever the case, a wireless nanny spy cam without audio is relatively useless when you are in need of hearing, as well as seeing.

Another unique combination of spy cameras with audio is placing a hidden camera in a car, along with a GPS tracker. You can have a DVR in the car as well, or you can purchase one that allows you to view remotely. This proves useful when one suspects a cheating spouse or a rowdy teenager breaking curfew. Audio is very important in the situation. You can monitor the phone calls placed in the car and confront the suspect about that flirty conversation or that teenager looking for people to buy him booze.

The audio component of spy cameras is often over-looked and people focus on the video alone. Video surveillance is great, but without audio it is missing 100% security protection. When investing in spy cameras, make sure you understand the audio quality, and the distance from which it can be recorded as well.