Spy Cameras for Bathrooms?

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Privacy violations are the first thoughts of a victim of a spy camera hidden in a bathroom. Investigators have found hidden cameras in hotels many times including “Holiday Inn” and “Best Western” hotels. The initial shock of find out that your privacy has been violated by voyeurism is enough to drive you mad. Even leave you paranoid thinking that you are always being watched by someone. For a woman, her security disappears after finding out there was a spy camera in a toilet that looked like an innocent part of the environment. Voyeurs can and will find ways to install spy cameras in toilets, bathrooms or bedrooms.

Hotels are ultimately responsible for this breach of privacy and devastating secretive spying. It is their ultimate responsibility to maintain their hotel, and that includes privacy. While it may seem like a giant chore, sending a qualified inspector with a camera detector to each hotel room is completely within a hotel’s means.

In the past, a hidden camera in a hotel room would be quite obvious. It would be large and placed in an inconspicuous place, but no doubt it would be found. With the modern technology of the 21st century, hiding a spy camera in a hotel bathroom can be accomplished easily, as they can be as small as 1/8 of an inch. Many of these cameras record and deliver video in real-time straight to someone’s computer, then internet.

What exactly can these hidden spy cams in hotels do? They can watch you live in real-time on a computer or simply record when a motion sensor is activated for later viewing. The camera could have been placed by anyone, especially housekeepers, maintenance, or management due to their ease of access into any room in the hotel.
So how do you go about not becoming a victim to camera spying in hotel rooms? Obviously, the chance of your hotel room having a spy camera is quite small, but there are always those disturbing exceptions. If you are feeling insecure in a hotel room, then consider getting a spy camera detector. With a camera detector at your disposal, you can completely scan an area for a viewing port.

You simply turn on your mini hidden camera detector, look through the special lens, and scan each room. With camera/bug sweeper you will be able to locate the exact location of any hidden camera. The LED lights on the detector will brightly reflect the viewing lens of a camera.

With a cam detector, you can scan your hotel room in mere minutes for any hidden spy cameras. Find a spy camera and you just might get a free hotel room after threatening to go straight to the media. Who knows? But what you do know is that you are fully protected from the prying eyes of perverts.

Remember that your detector works for more than finding hidden cameras in your hotel room. If you believe someone has bugged your house, then you can do a thorough scan to alleviate the paranoia. It doesn’t matter where you are the spy cam detector is a valuable asset to carry with you at all times. Due to its miniature size, you can simply store it in your purse or pocket.