Solar Powered Car Fan Hidden Camera

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Batteries are a non-issue if you opt out of traditional rechargeable batteries commonly used in hidden cameras. Why use a battery when you can have a never ending supply of power from the sun? The uniquely designed Solar Powered Car Fan Hidden Camera makes use of the natural power of the sun.

The car fan can be attached anywhere in the vehicle, as long as it gets sunlight in that area. To maximize your camera view, it is recommended you attach it in a corner. Which corner you choose depends on if you want the camera to record front to back or back to front.

Not only is the car fan fitted with a hidden camera, but it is actually a car fan. Video recording is simple, and the fan contains a built-in DVR for recording.

Some of the benefits of this hidden camera, other than its solar-powered battery include:

  • Record a break-in
  • Record unwanted drivers taking a ride
  • Find out everyone that has been in or around your vehicle
  • Catch the license plate number of someone from a hit and run
  • Finding a thief
  • If your car is stolen and recovered, video evidence of the theft can be used in court