Soda Can Camera

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4Gb Inside a Coca Cola Can? Yes, with this mini covert can camera. It looks like a regular soda drink, by conceals a DVR that records 30 FPS video at 640×480 resolution. You can record up to 4 hours of video with this soda can with a single charge according to the manufacturers.

Can you imagine yourself carrying a soda with you when going on a covert surveillance operation? Many people are used to carrying bottles of water, sodas wherever they go. This mini wearable spy device definitely won’t attract any attention from strangers. Completely masked spy camera records quality video that you can easily playback at home or transfer to your hard drive.

This can camera can act as a portable mini spy camera. With a tiny remote control you can start recording with a press of a button. Or you can leave it at home for recording like many other covert hidden cameras. Just keep in mind that it will record around 4 hours on a single charge.