Security Cameras for Your Home

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Ask yourself these questions:

  • “What do I value the most in my life?”
  • “How can I protect people and things that I value the most?“

With a quality home security system you are practically guaranteed the security even in the wildest neighborhoods. Better yet, try camera based home security system.

The number of cameras you may want to install in your home depends on the size of your property. Take into account the number of entrances, exposed windows, and other factors you identify that require security cameras. Simple and wireless CCTV cameras are a cost-efficient choice for any home. Wireless CCTV cameras can be as cheap as $100 or go as high as $1000. The difference in price depends on factors such as, night vision, range, motion detection, audio and its distance, durability, brand name, frequency strength, weather resistance, and the ability to pan, zoom, or tilt (PTZ).


A security camera system for your home ensures that you have the tools you need to safely monitor your property. Installation of security cameras in your house, business, or whatever property it may be is a relatively simple process.

If you are concerned about the difficulty of installation of security cameras for your home, then find someone with knowledge, or hire a professional. Most people find that the installation is rather straight-forward. Usually it consists of mounting the cameras securely with some nuts and bolts and small mounting kit, much like mounting a HDTV on the wall of your home.

Multi-Camera System

After installing security cameras for your home, you may want to buy a multi-channel surveillance system. The purpose of having such a system is to allow you to view and control multiple cameras all at once on one computer screen. You will also have the ability to control it from a remote location since each security camera is wireless. If cost is an issue, then consider buying a simple 4-channel surveillance system. You can then monitor 4 cameras simultaneously, which is generally efficient for a house with 4 corners.

If you want to splurge, you can find system that record and allow you to monitor up to 16 separate video channels at once. These systems are pricey, but the cost is more than worth it if you are trying to protect a large house from burglars. If you do have the luxury of a mansion, then a home security system with 16 CCTV security cameras for your home may be a good investment as you can keep an eye on all the employees working in your house.

So who has the best security cameras for your home?

BrickHouseSecurity is a well-established company that provides thousands of security products from spy cameras inside pens to GPS trackers. Of course you can find plenty of choices for your CCTV home security camera system. They have an excellent selection of security cameras with various features that are perfect for home properties. And come in a variety of price ranges for small and large pockets.

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They offer a vast selection to suite your needs. Home security means family security, and you really cannot put a price on the safety of your family, can you?